Forest-inspired music: part twelve

Right you lucky people, having just about recovered from the excitement of the weekend, it’s about time we had another one of these babies to cheer you up! Our good friend from an earlier track, Njaal Helle, is back to serenade us – and this time, rather than Forest being his Rock and Roll, this time he’s gone all disco on our asses, which is quite entertaining, if perhaps not sustainably listenable!

Rather than simply being his rock and roll, this track spiritually proclaims that Nottingham Forest is in his very soul! I suppose this would probably be a reasonable approximation to how many of us feel about Forest, but whether or not we would choose to express this feeling of belonging in the form of cheesy disco music is another matter entirely – I hope! But still, you can’t fault the guy’s commitment to regailing us with different types of Forest-inspired music!

So here it is, Njaal Helle once again with the disco-tastic Nottingham Forest is in my Soul. Take it away Njaal…

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  1. I fear your record collection may be littered with generous sprinkle of musical disasters

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