Congratulations to Grant..

I almost forgot in the excitement of the Crewe game (arf) that Grant was indeed confirmed as the player of the season – just as I predicted!  He’s described as an overwhelming winner, with Perchy and Wes making up second and third places respectively – also very well deserved.

It must be a sweet reward for Grant, who has struggled to win Smoulders around as much as the fans it seems – he’s had to battle against difficult to understand ‘rotation’ policies, being dropped randomly despite good performances as well as attempts to flog him to Bristol City – all in all, Grant has overcome many of these factors to be our top goal scorer this season.  So well done Grant, now make sure you get on the scoresheet during the playoffs!

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  1. I agree that Grant is a worthy winner of our player of the year as without his goals where would we have finished? But I can’t help but think that this decision was the fans chance to show the manager what they think of the decision earlier in the season to offload our top scorer to one of our main rivals!

  2. Well done Grant – shame about the dodgy haircut tho!

  3. Big Grant for England!

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