Do it for the Chuckle Brothers!

In my quest to find ways and means of inspiring Rotherham United to do us the biggest of favours in winning points against Bristol City, it occurred to me that perhaps the thing Rotherham is most famous for are the Chuckle Brothers.  Barry and Paul ‘Chuckle’ (real names Elliott) were born in Rotherham in the 1940’s, and have been providers of dubious children’s entertainment for years.

I have no idea whether or not Barry or Paul are active followers of the Millers, but I’d certainly like to think so.  So we’ve had ‘touching the badge‘, well now we have a mantra to go with it – for the remainder of this week, to evoke images of the Chuckle Brothers and also perhaps to invoke wonderful passing and attacking football, remember to think – or say aloud – “To me, to you, to me, to you!” at intervals to spread a little Chuckle-magic towards Mark Robins and his players!

Perhaps you could have a little chant of the mantra whilst touching the badge at the same time – surely with such powerful magic at work it can’t fail to have an impact, can it?  Who am I kidding? 😆


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  1. I think they very much are active supporters, COME ON BARRY AND PAUL GIVE FOREST THE LAST LAUGH!

  2. To me, to me… to you.

  3. It must be a good omen…radio 1 have just played chucklevision!

  4. One of the Chuckle Brothers fell off his bike whilst on Holiday in Kafelonia a few weeks back. Apaprantly some english tourists who witnessed the accident stood there and said… “To me, to You – to me, to you”

    Are you planning any curses for Bristol?

  5. They don’t need cursing, for they are in Bristol!

    I am a hive of positivity, we don’t need negativity!

  6. Dunno about these blokes since I live overseas, but here’s a true story: Yesterday, when coming home from foodshopping, I saw that my lucky Cloughie pin was missing from my jacket. After searching the whole house I ran like crazy out in the streets, tracing back my way and trying to remember where exactly my steps were. To no avail. I was miserable for the whole day, thinking of it as a bad omen. This morning I found out that it was, well, pinned under one of my slippers that’s why I couldn’t find it. NOW IS THIS A GOOD OMEN OR NOT? Like, to hell and back.
    Oh boy, what else are we going to think about before Saturday… 🙂

  7. One for the positive side of you…

    Why don’t we do a rain dance in the hope it pisses on Bristols Promotion Party.

  8. On the Rotherham website, there was an article about the one who injured himself and they are both real Millers fans apparently.
    Like we all are on Saturday…

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  11. Look at the table lads, plus were battling for promotion to go to the premiership, meanwhile ur in little leagues 1 and 2!!!!!!!!!!!! BCFC 4 LIFE

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