Forest-inspired music: part eleven

Barrow Red has at least been waiting patiently for this one, and he was right – it is a decent one! It’s quite simple in composition, starting with a bit of clapping followed by a childish shout of ‘Forest’, but once it kicks in it’s quite catchy in it’s simplicity, and it’s something I’m planning on incorporating into my pre-match routine from now – certainly when I’m driving to the game anyway, strikes me as a good warm up for a game’s worth of singing.

It’s more of a tribute to Brian Clough and his work with Forest really, and the biggest delight is that – should he turn out worthy of our adulation – I reckon it could easily be reworked into a current re-release in honour of our very own Smoulds. Of course, he certainly has some work to do before we might feel inclined to do that – but well, “when things were cold, then in walked Smoulds…” – you never know, it just might happen!

But yep – I actually wholly approve of this song. It harks back to a happier era, as most of the songs I’ve inflicted upon you have, but well, there’s no harm in a bit of reminscing is there? Certainly not at the moment anyway (so long as you remembered to touch the Millers badge, of course!). So I’m very happy to bring you ‘Forest Fire’ by ‘The Strikers’. This one’s for you, Barrow Red – thanks for your patience (and if you have the CD, you know what’s coming next!…).

Come on the Millers!

We all know the chances of Rotherham causing an upset at Ashton Gate next week are quite small, nonetheless, I wish to extend all encouragement possible to the Millers in their quest to cause an upset.  Since we can’t loan them players, or really send any fans down to support them since we’ll be playing at the same time, I’m afraid it’s come to a more hippy-like solution of sending them good vibes and positivity!

So touch the Millers badge – and think happy positive thoughts!  They mustered a deserved draw at our place not all that long ago, and now they’re under no pressure at all – so come on Rotherham, go out there, enjoy it, and get us a result – if not for us, then for former player Ian Breckin, or former manager John McGovern!

Hmm. I can’t really see it making much difference, but I can’t see it doing any harm either!  So go for it, good folk of Rotherham United FC, finish the season with pride and have a positive say in our fate this season!