Forest-inspired music: part ten

It’s an almost-country style (almost – but not quite) dirge which is difficult to place in terms of era – it’s certainly not revealing in that it doesn’t mention any players or notable occasions.  Perhaps there is a clue that it mentions ‘the old Trent End’ and ‘the new Main Stand’ – which would place it either very late 60’s or early 70’s – unless, of course, it’s a misnomer and it’s referring to the then Executive Stand then we could be talking early 80’s.  Tricky.

The style of music is somewhat timeless, so that doesn’t really give it away – given the lyrics of the song seem so far removed from contemporary Forest-related language (eg. ‘Come on the Forest’ rather than the more ubiquitous ‘Come on you Reds’), I reckon this is either (a) an oldish recording from around the time after the Main Stand fire in 1968, or it does indeed refer to the Executive Stand and is just a bit, well, misinformed.  But anyway, perhaps I’m over-analysing it somewhat!

It’s called ‘Come on you Forest’ (clearly from a more innocent age!), by ‘Forest fans’, and whilst it certainly ain’t a work of genius, it’s not as bad as some we’ve heard before!

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  1. OMG I actually bought this !! It was indeed released around 79 – 80

  2. Its much better than the other comedy crap you managed to dig up.

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