Forest-inspired music: part eight

We’re back on the trail of cheesy music, and this one sounds like it’s loosely based on ‘Who wants to be a Millionnaire?’ to me, although I could be wrong – and features dubious voice-impersonator appearances from not only the predictable Brian Clough, but also Margaret Thatcher who, of course, would have been relatively new into her reign as Prime Minister at the time of release.

Entitled ‘Who’ll win the European Cup’, this jolly yet ultimately unfulfilling track is brought to you courtesy of the Medium Wave Band.  It follows a pattern and a style that for those of you who’ve been keeping track of this sequence of musical abonimations will be all too familiar with now – and is perhaps a very good indicator as to why we perhaps don’t see too many football-inspired chart releases these days!

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  1. Not sure where to add this but I’ve a quick question… Recently whilst watching Liverpool on the box – I was surprisded to hear the Kop singing ‘….we hate Nottingham Forest….’ Am assuming this goes back to our European days, was great to hear and even greater that they’re still singing (bitter) about it all these years later!

  2. Yep, they still remember us, just!

    I always assumed it survived because of the syllables in our team name – but I suppose they could’ve easily switched to ‘Tottenham Hotspur’ easily enough.

    I’m hoping Milan can do them in the final.

  3. yeah, it harps back to the european days, but made a nasty comeback after hillsborough. tho quite why they blame us for that…bit of blame for the police, the rest for the tossers that turned up late and pissed without tickets, hardly our fault.
    Paolo Maldini, one of the finest 2 left backs in world football history, go get that trophy!!

  4. This song goes back to the late 60’s.

    At least to 1967.

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