Kris and Jack are crucial to success in the playoffs..

Only the other day I was writing about Jack’s recent performances behind a breath of fresh air, and so the same must be said for Kris Commons (albeit Jack has had a longer period of impact on games).  He scored a couple of absolute screamers yesterday, along with an assist – two goals against Brentford in the previous game – this is just the kind of form we need players like Kris to be building up in the seemingly inevitable run into the playoffs.

There’s something else Kris and Jack have in common as well as their impactful performances lately – they’re both out of contract soon.  If I’m feeling cynical it’s amazing what an expiring contract can do to add a little urgency to a performance – whether it be to earn a new one, or start to advertise oneself to other potential clubs.  Not that I’m suggesting this is the entire story with either player.

I’m lead to believe Forest and Kris have at least started to sit down to discuss contracts.  From Kris’s point of view I can understand why he’s perhaps keen to wait until the season is over – a decent run of form and potential promotion could mean more cash, a further stay in League One could make he want to consider the possibilities of going on a Bosman.  He’s young enough to want to develop his career, unlike Jack who perhaps is looking for a big contract to set him up now he’s the wrong side of thirty.

It’s no coincidence that when players like Kris and Jack play well then the team plays well – they are the only two players we have, including all the injured folk, who I would consider ‘creative’ (possibly Lewis could become creative too, given time) – whether it be a clever throughball or a twist and a turn from Jack, or a killer cross from Commons, we don’t have a great deal of creativity elsewhere.  Given the kind of games we have coming up, if they are playing for a contract or even a move, then maybe that’s not such a bad thing!

Of course, in Kris we have a local lad – and one who professes to have supported the club as a young’un – and indeed, a badge-kisser to boot (hmm, we’ve had some of those before, haven’t we?).  Whatever my cynical views about the likelihood of a boyhood love of a team compared to a more brazen employer/employee relationship as an adult – and indeed, the possibility of higher wages elsewhere, it could come to be a factor in any decision he makes.

Forest-inspired music: part seven

Njaal Helle provides the latest stop off on our tour of cheese, and it’s not the only time we’ll hear from him either. Upon attempting to research him a bit, it appears that Njaal has reinvented himself and a specialist in music and photos for weddings, but certainly back in the day he clearly considered himself very much a rock and roll star from Norway, and clearly felt very strongly about the Mighty Reds!

It’s one of the more emotional tracks on the album, and checking out his website, it did enable him to meet the great men Brian Clough and Peter Taylor when publicising his musical musics upon the mighty reds. From having a quick re-listen, it is quite a cheese-fest, with some spectacularly exciting brass playing, a piano and the inevitable crowd noises with surprisingly serious sounding lyrics.

It’s a song which we can look back upon and enjoy for the era it came from, but well, it certainly seems to take itself quite seriously – I wonder if any older fans might remember the visit of a Norweigan visitor at the City Ground to publicise his two Forest-related records? Here, for your listening pleasure, is Njaal Helle with Nottingham Forest is my Rock and Roll.