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The voting for Forests’ player of the season is open – and well, I can’t say that we are awash with candidates this term realistically.  Forest being Forest, have enabled voting by text to reap in more of our hard earned readies, but you can also email your votes at no cost too.  Certainly I wouldn’t expect the reigning player of the year, captain Ian Breckin, to retain his award – although whilst he’s not been as reliable as last season, I think some of the criticism that comes his way is harsh.

Having a good think about it, due to injuries, suspensions and general incomings there has been quite a rotation of players this season.  There are plenty with games under their belt, who haven’t stood out – there are some with fewer games who’ve shone occasionally – so it’s a tough call.  Inconsistency has been Forests’ watchword this season – so it’s hard to try to pick on one player who elevates themselves above some of the, frankly, chaff we’ve had to endure this season.

Having pondered carefully, I’ve come up with three likely candidates.  The first is James Perch – he’s going through a quiet spell at the moment, but he’s come on leaps and bounds over the last couple of seasons.  The second is Wes Morgan – hampered by injuries and a lack of appearances, has started to return to his solid best after a torrid time under Megson.  And finally, my tip to win, Grant Holt – he has his faults, but you can’t argue with 18 goals despite regularly being dropped – and even almost sold – whilst I get frustrated with his constant moaning and diving, he’s certainly endured this year.

Details of how to vote are here – be careful if you agree with me and want to vote for Grant as you might end up voting for the wrong Holt.  Although I would find it amusing if Gary Holt won the award given the huge amount of mindless criticism he’s often on the end of both at the ground and on the message boards!

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  1. Grant Holt gets my vote. He clinched it on Saturday when he showed the Brentford keeper exactly what he thought of his ‘watering the penalty spot’ antics after smashing the penalty past him, right in front of all the Forest fans too. It was absolute class!

  2. Perch for me, followed by Grant Holt and Morgan. I don’t think you can ignore Paul Smith, though most will because of recent negativity and dubious kicking, but without his shot stopping we’d be fighting for 6th place and not 3rd.

  3. Wes Morgan for me just for the fact that he has improoved so much and has been a lot more consistant this season than in previous seasons. Perchy has also improovred immesnsly and also deserves recognition as does Grant Holt for the shear goals he has bagged – without just one these three i feel we would probobly be not even in the play-offs – so wesley sneaks it for me – but perchy and holty deserve credit too 🙂

  4. Grant Holt,Grant Holt,Grant Holt,Grant Holt,Grant Holt,!!!!
    its pity we didn’t have Wrighty for the whole season, different class

  5. I’d like to throw Jack Lester’s name in as well. Again, despite struggling to get into the team at times, when he has played he has given us a dimension which we don’t have without him.

  6. i agree, forgot about Jack
    a mixture of a Brazilian footballer and Norman Hunter– he thinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wes for me

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