Felix returns, and hopefully good news about Sammy..

Forest have recalled 18 year old left winger Felix Bastians from his loan spell with Gillingham.  Aside from us instigating the move there’s no real insight as to why, but certainly his availability will bolster our options in midfield – and given that either he or Commons could operate up front it gives us a few more permutations around our team selections given our mounting injury issues.  Felix has yet to feature in a Forest side during Smoulderwood’s reign, so I would have thought his recall to the fold is precautionary only.

The Nottingham Evening Post also suggests that Forest are also looking to cut short Spencer Weir-Daley’s loan spell at Bradford, which makes good sense, although we apparently don’t have a recall clause so would require Bradford’s consent to finish the loan early.  Comments from Smoulds about this suggest it’s only something we’re likely to pursue if our injury problems worsen over the next few games rather than an imminent move.

The really good news though, is that Sammy Clingan is due to have an x-ray on his broken ankle which, if healed, will enable the midfielder to return to training – with a view to a return to first team eligibility within six weeks.  This pretty much keeps him out of contention for our remaining three league fixtures, but should we not manage to catch Bristol City, then if he’s fit and available this will be a big boost for the playoffs – so fingers crossed for good news on that front!

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  1. Recalling Felix is a positive move. In the last couple of games our subs bench has looked hopelessly negative, so we’ll have at least one attack-minded player to call on now.

  2. Bloody good job if ou ask me.

    I like our youngsters. Give us a bit of zip whejn the others start to flag.

  3. I had a sniff round to see how the Gills feel about losing Felix and found this conversation on a discussion board. He seems to have made quite an impression there…

    ‘Report on OS said that when he signed for Forest it was a four year deal – bugger, that means that we will be unlikely to afford him, perhaps as has been previously suggested, we could use Jarvis as a barganing tool.’

    ‘From the games I’ve seen Felix in he’s played well and been one of our better players. I’d rather have him than Jarvis any day’

  4. This is a good move, suprisingly attacking for Colin! Perhaps he has shown potential to convert to centre half….

    At least we have a wide option now. Well done Colin!

  5. I remember seeing good things from him last season.

    Then again, I remember seeing good things from Dobie and we haven’t seen many of those repeated of late 🙂

  6. My mate spoke to Sammy last night, sad to say he wont be back this season 😦

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