Colin smoulders at sections of the Forest support..

It seems to have been glossed over in the media comments online so far, but certainly on the radio during the sports bulletins and during the Matchtalk programme tonight, Smoulds was broadcast issuing a broadside at certain sections of the Forest support.  Not making it to Brentford, I’m not qualified to comment on what was or wasn’t said – but the radio presenters speculated in a “I know this..” kind of way that it was the fact that even young Lewis McGugan was apparently subject to jeers when a pass was misplaced.

I have a kind of ambivalent stance on this – on the one hand, I can see Smoulds’ point.  Lewis is learning his trade, and has very much been thrown in at the proverbial deep end – but then, he’s also a professional footballer, he’s done little else other than play football for money since he was young.  I know I get frustrated with myself, and my teammates certainly do, if I misplace passes on a much less important stage than that upon which Lewis plays his football.  And my teammates (fortunately) don’t pay for the privilege of seeing me play!

It is fair to say that turning on the side before half time is largely counter-productive – what on earth happened to that spirit we showed at Oldham – where there was no hope at all, where the team were abject and disgraceful, but the fans cast this aside and made a racket anyway.  That is the kind of spirit we should have in the run in – I can empathise with how infuriating it is to watch Forest, and how you feel like exploding if you weren’t able to let out that rage – but well, I wonder whether we can put that aside for three games (hopefully not any more than that, but well, I suspect it will be!).

On the flip side, whilst it’s all well and good complaining about the nasty supporters – the Forest players would do well to remember that the vast majority of those supporters earn a very modest wage compared to them, and they choose to invest a sizable per cent of it to offer them their support.  Just as I expect our supporters to rise to the challenge, I expect our players to do so too – they may feel hard done by with some comments they’ve been on the receiving end of, but frankly, some performances have deserved it.

So, those fans who feel bruised by Smoulds’ comments but this aside, and the players and Smoulders himself should too – draw a line under it, and everyone involved in the club should focus wholly on our forthcoming fixtures – there’s plenty to complain about and pick the bones over, but equally, there’s a much better time to do it – at the end of the season – for now, we should sing our hearts out for the lads!

Forest-inspired music: part two

8996574_1.jpgI know it’s been less than 24 hours, but I’ve been itching to post this festival of cheese ever since I heard it, so I’m going to! This is track two on the CD, and despite featuring our messiah and saviour, Brian Clough, I’m afraid it doesn’t really elevate it beyond the level of utter dross as far as the music is concerned – and is certainly ample proof that whilst he was a man of many talents, the mighty Brian Clough was never likely to become the first credible white rapper!

Entitled ‘You Can’t Win ‘Em All‘ – it’s a collaboration between the aforementioned football genius, and a chap called J.J. Barrie – who, you will be no doubt pleased to know, features again on the album!

Despite the undeniable awfulness of the music, many of the lyrics, and indeed the whole concept, I warn you now that it is an infuriatingly catchy number which I found myself singing at work earlier much the bafflement of my colleagues – who thankfully, to my knowledge, have never had the pleasure of hearing the record. Not that they would admit it even if they had!

Ladies and gentlemen – you have been warned, but below is the media player that will enable you to take in this audio treat!