Forest-inspired music: part one

A friend of mine gave me a copy of this CD the other day, whilst I’d heard Paper Lace’s anthemic European Cup record, and dimly remembered the ‘Brian’ song from the 1991 FA Cup season, I hadn’t realised that Forest had been sufficiently inspirational to give rise to 20 odd tracks of largely dubious audio. I figured that if I hadn’t realised the breadth and sometimes sheer hilarity of some of these musical offerings, then the chances are many of our fans also hadn’t. A couple of listens and I can see why he wasn’t sad to lose the CD, however I do think there is a morbid fascination in the awful dirge that supporting a football team can inspire!

As such, I’m going to go through them periodically as I find the time – giving you the opportunity to listen to a wonderous and varied myriad of audio nastiness (for that is mostly what is on offer, I’m afraid!), which is perhaps both an opportunity to be amused, but also a timely reminder that generally speaking, football and music are two of life’s pleasures that should not be combined more often than not! We start with perhaps the one you will have heard before – since it is track one on the CD – click the play button below to relive the joys of “We’ve got the whole world in our hands” by Nottingham Forest FC and Paper Lace!

As if we needed another reason to win promotion!

It’s no secret that we wanted to get promoted this season. Be we the fans, the chairman, chief executive, manager or players (well, some of them!). Hell, even some of the media seemed to quite want us to do well! But yesterday was confirmed a dark and brooding piece of news that makes this mission all the more important over coming weeks.You see, dear readers, Walsall have been confirmed as winning promotion from League Two!

For those of you who have never visited, Walsall is the little-documented tenth circle of hell – so fearsome that Dante felt unable to include the fearsomely dull place to his works. This is the place where people are damned to eternal boredom and soul-destroying awfulness that could not be included in his Divine Comedy. That, my friends, is where we would have to visit next season were our promotion bid to fail.

Of course, regardless of the hellish nature of Walsall the place, there is the small matter that we seem incapable of beating them too. Even with the goalscoring prowess of Andy Impey in the side, we could only register a 3-3 draw with them back in 2004. Since then we lost and drew to them in 2005. In fact, to find a Forest win against this bogey-side, you must go back to 1999/2000 when we did the double over them thanks to goals from the likes of Freedman, Chettle and Wright at home, and Rogers and Freedman at their place.

Whilst for everyone failure to go up would be bad, now it promises to hold more dread than any of us could fear – not to mention the slightly far-fetched but nonetheless mathematically possible scenario that we could find ourselves plying our trade in the same division as Notts County next season!