A great comeback, but it’s as you were at the top..

Brentford FC – 2
Nottingham Forest – 4

After about 54 minutes of sitting and seething at the radio, I was quietly grateful I hadn’t invested the time and money to visit Brentford, and was feeling sorry for those that had.  What a difference forty minutes or so can make – a splendid comeback more than made up for the dreadful start and has hopefully repaid some of those supporters who’ve made dreary trips to Millwall or innumerate other poor away performances.  Unfortunately every other bugger in the top four won too, so it’s very much as you were, with three games remaining.

Congratulations must go to Scunthorpe United, who today confirmed promotion with a 2-0 victory over Huddersfield, can you guess who scored the goals?  I bet you can – a Billy Sharp brace confirms promotion to the Championship.  Bristol City beat Yeovil 2-0, and Blackpool registered a 4-1 victory against Northampton.  Meanwhile down at the bottom of the table, Rotherham United are the latest team to be confirmed as relegated, so commiserations to them.

So, back to Griffin Park – it was a first 50 minutes very much to forget (sound familiar).  A very sluggish start with little creativity, Perch opening the chances account with a shot straight at the keeper, and McGugan hit one wide, Grant was put through by Lester but his effort blocked for a corner.  This makes it sound one-way traffic, but it was scrappy.

Brentford took the lead on around 15 minutes, with Pinault skipped past Prutton and chipped the ball over Paul Smith from the edge of the area, it clipping the crossbar and post and ended up just over the line (which had to be confirmed by the Assistant Referee) to give the home side the lead, and a great deal of confidence.  Forest only really contributed a couple of wayward shots from McGugan and Perch in the remainder of the half.

The second half started, and after two minutes it was double the challenge.  Owusu beat Curtis passing to youngster Charlie Ide who smashed the ball past Smith.  This started to wake Forest up – finally a goal from a corner – Commons took it and it was flicked on by Breckin on the near post giving Prutton a relatively easy header at the back post to give us a lifeline.

Commons was starting to play well, and despite being crowded out of a great run he managed to pick out Grant Holt who was able to produce a save from Stuart Nelson in the Brentford goal.  Smith was looking shaky at the other end though, with a bit of dodgy punching.  But we were to get level, 68 minutes on the clock and Perch won the ball, finding Lester who laid it off for Commons who scored with a fierce drive.

A decent come back – but given results elsewhere a draw wasn’t ever going to be enough, so even the most impatient didn’t have to wait too long before Lester was upended in the area by Griffiths.  Grant stepped up and blasted the ball down the middle to give us the lead, and him his 18th goal of the season.  Lester twisted and turned but was thwarted by the keeper shortly after this.

Brentford had brought on a substitute who could (and probably should) have equalised for the Bees with a header from 5 yards unmarked.  Wes Morgan came on at some point, then collapsed holding his ankle and was replaced by Bennett four minutes later!  The final goal came from Commons, again it was Lester providing the clever pass to him putting him clear, to loft the ball over the oncoming Nelson and secure the points.

So well done boys, we needed that – and to come back from 2 down (admittedly, we must ask questions why we were 2 down!) is a great turnaround in performance.  Four goals in one half away from home is impressive too – so we need to take that confidence into all of our remaining games.  Bournemouth up next at the City Ground, whilst Bristol have to go to Carlisle.  I’m still resigned to the play offs – but well, it’s still possible, isn’t it?

And what a great send off for the awful yellow away kit!

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  1. Sorry you couldn’t have been there NFFC. In the end it was a great day albeit the fingernails could do with some R&R. Forest were shit in the first half and Lester could quite easily have got himself sent off but with some half time chants encouraging Smoulderwood to do something different (though granted not quite as friendly as that) the last 40 minutes were well worth the wait. It’s amazing how playing further up the pitch can make a difference to your overall performance. Why Forest came to defend against justifiably the worst team in the league beats me. They managed to work out that going forward wins games before it was too late. Good on you lads. Lets now give them bournemouth bastards a bloody beating. Nice to see Elvis make a cameo appearance as a steward, entertaining the crowd. Youuuu reeeeeeds!!!!!

  2. I was listening on the radio and have to admit that at half time I was furious – and so I can only imagine how the people who went must have felt! Still, this is a great comeback and probably the best one for me personally (I’ve only been able to get to games and listen and such for a year!) and makes me think we might get automatic still.

    Maybe. =)

  3. Well, I got the goal difference right at least (had said 3-1 for the Reds) and had also predicted Brizzle netting two past Yeovil, only I expected the Glovers to score two of their own! They will be sorry they didn’t, as Carlisle are closing down on them and Oldham too, and I’m sure they will give City a good beating next Saturday. But hey, we must win our own vs Bournemouth first, and the Cherries I believe have started sweating a little down there at the bottom. I am certain that if BC don’t win any of their games at Carlisle or Millwall, second place will be ours for thw taking. Or maybe Blackpool’s, but I’d rather not think about that one :).

  4. We’ve got a Bristol City chap at work and at 2-0 down, it crossed my mind to throw a sickie for the rest of the season. Good work to come back from that, although I can’t forget that first half, we were truly terrible.

    And in case any of you thought you saw a gorilla at the Millwall game last week, your eyes did not deceive you…


  5. Yeah – well done lads for the comeback. However, I have to say I fear for us in the Championship IF we can make it through the playoffs. Most Chamipoship teams would have us dead and buried after a first half like that. Come to that, I’m not sure what squad we will have next year if we DON’T get promoted. I know he’s a grafter, but we would do well to lose Grant Holt; he just dives, fouls and bad-mouths the referee. OK, that’s not fair, because he’s our top-scorer, but those are not qualities I want to see in the Garibaldi. Lester is equally prone to seal imitations, so guess which players got themselves booked AGAIN today? We could do with losing a striker or two for the last 3,5 or 6 games of the season, as we have so many to choose from…

  6. Yeah, good comeback by the Reds, but to be honest we shouldn’t have got ourselves two nil down in the first place. Once again a lack of commitment for the entire 90 minutes. This is what will cost us the season again.

    I am far happier to be near the top of a division and winning games than be in the next division up and getting slaughtered. We would just be whipping boys. And for what, to be relegated again…

    I can see a big Wembley embarrasment coming up….

    And all this because we have a bunch of ronaldo wannabe try-hards that think their SHlT doesn’t stink and couldn’t be bothered putting in a full 90 minutes of effort each week….

  7. “Far happier to be near the top” etc

    I truly hope this is sarcasm….!

  8. Sarcasm it wasn’t.

    Would you prefer to lose week in week out and end up with 16 points for the entire season or enjoy some bloody good victorys and celebrate a near top finish. I am sick of all this we belong in the first division nonsense…WE BELONG WHERE WE ARE!!!
    If we were worthy of being there we already would be.

    Some still think we should be in the Premiership….hahaha….

  9. Bet you’re pleased to be in a dead end job too…

    We must all strive for something better in life, surely?

  10. OK Mad-Dog, time for your walk now…
    If you are really so pleased with this league, why not sit and wait for Notts County to be promoted? It’s maybe going to take something like a decade, but it won’t even change your Saturday habits… Just across the river and everything…
    For crying out loud GENTLEMEN, NO (MORE) MOANING PLEASE!!!

  11. I am actually waiting for Derby County to get relegated back to our division so that we can play them again, but because they have a bunch of players that give 100% more often than not…guess what…they are soon to be 2 divisions above us so we won’t probably see that for a decade either.

    Who said anything about moaning. This forum is for airing your comments. These are my opinions. I have been supporting the reds for over 30 years now and I believe I am entitled to them.

    By the way t6 I agree that we should strive for something better in life…maybe you can let some of our current players know that little piece of infinite wisdom.

  12. I let ’em know at our home games if necessary… fortunately I have managed to stick to something constructive (most of the time). But even then they don’t listen and THEN the manager tells me I should keep quiet !

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