Strange chants: part eleven

I’ve not thought of many ‘strange chants’ for a while now, I suppose most things football fans chant are reasonably self explanatory and don’t really qualify as being strange (plus there seems to be a general dearth of genuinely witty new chants surfacing from the fans these days, with the odd one-off exception at away matches).  This one wouldn’t be strange, were it not for the fact that you still hear it even this season!

You are my Forest
My only Forest
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You never notice
How much I love you
So please don’t take
My Forest away

It goes to the tune of ‘you are my sunshine’ and I suppose is indicative of that unconditional love we have that leads us to torture ourselves with watching Forest week in week out.  Certainly the last few weeks, when the weather has been mild and the football’s been shite, I’d be more inclined to sing “you make be miserable, when skies are blue!”, but still – I suppose it isn’t particularly strange, but it does raise a wry smile when it goes up even during the most drab and dire performance (and let’s face it, there’s plenty to choose from this season!).

Although I quite like the section suggesting that this love is unrequieted, because that feels very much how things are at the moment whether it be the ‘powers that be’, the manage or the players – part of that is our own doing, because we’re impatient – that said, we got nearly 28,000 at the City Ground, in Division Three, despite staring down the barrel of a third season in this shit league – we may grumble a bit, but we still turn up!

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  1. Stragest of all, we still sing,- from time to time: ”And we’re the finest football team the world has seen”. Haven’t been able to bring myself to sing that line for a number of seasons!

  2. Aye, I find that one strange too – indeed, it has already featured in this series!. Although I’ve always thought t’was “by far the greatest” – which seems even more absurd than “the finest” 🙂

  3. Yeh! Sorry about the oversight. Caught up with my back-reading after I’d sent the comment. Looks like I may have been singing the wrong words as well.
    Enough of that and back to more important things. I want you to hang in with the pessimism. It’s definitely our best chance of automatic. You and your personal habits are second only to me in deciding the immediate destiny of our club. It became clear when I read you had been arsed to make the trip to Brentford and we won. You see, after a very long trip North for the Carlisle debacle, I decided it was all my fault, that I was a bad influence. So I forewent the East Anglian minimigration for the Rotherham game. No change in fortune. Yesterday, totally pissed off at half time, went out in the garden – and hit on it. Brilliant (?) comeback. So the answer is you stay away, I’ll totally ignore em for three weeks and – see you at Wembley.

    Keep up the excellent coverage. It really is great for exiles.

  4. I’ve just seen this, belatedly.

    The one chant that I really wanted to get a recording of was a few years ago – when Paul Evans joined us. Having the same name as him, I wanted a recording of Forest fans singing his name – it would have made a great ringtone for my phone if nothing else.

    I remember distantly hearing other parts of the ground (I don’t go in A Block) singing a version of the Patrick Vierra song with his name, but I didn’t have a recorder of any kind with me (you don’t usually take one to matches, do you?). By the time I got a phone that had sound capture, PE had slipped out of the first team picture.

    I wrote a bit more about this on my own blog here:

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