Strange chants: part eleven

I’ve not thought of many ‘strange chants’ for a while now, I suppose most things football fans chant are reasonably self explanatory and don’t really qualify as being strange (plus there seems to be a general dearth of genuinely witty new chants surfacing from the fans these days, with the odd one-off exception at away matches).  This one wouldn’t be strange, were it not for the fact that you still hear it even this season!

You are my Forest
My only Forest
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You never notice
How much I love you
So please don’t take
My Forest away

It goes to the tune of ‘you are my sunshine’ and I suppose is indicative of that unconditional love we have that leads us to torture ourselves with watching Forest week in week out.  Certainly the last few weeks, when the weather has been mild and the football’s been shite, I’d be more inclined to sing “you make be miserable, when skies are blue!”, but still – I suppose it isn’t particularly strange, but it does raise a wry smile when it goes up even during the most drab and dire performance (and let’s face it, there’s plenty to choose from this season!).

Although I quite like the section suggesting that this love is unrequieted, because that feels very much how things are at the moment whether it be the ‘powers that be’, the manage or the players – part of that is our own doing, because we’re impatient – that said, we got nearly 28,000 at the City Ground, in Division Three, despite staring down the barrel of a third season in this shit league – we may grumble a bit, but we still turn up!

Brentford vs. Forest preview..

Right then, let’s try to muster up some enthusiasm for tomorrow’s trip to Brentford’s Griffin Park. Well, I did say try. We, as we very well know, are on the back of a supremely disappointing Easter period – which is made all the worst by the fact that Bristol City had an equally poor couple of games, meaning we could and should have made up considerable ground on them – if not be sitting above them – right now, added to that Blackpool’s surge up the table we are in a bit of a three-horse-race for the coveted second spot. Unfortunately the Forest and Bristol horses appear to be lame.

Brentford also had a rather poor time of it at Easter, because it was in this period that their relegation to League Two was confirmed, which prompted their manager – Scott Fitzgerald – to be relieved of his position, having only been there since November when he took over from the ever-hapless Leroy Rosenior. Barry Quin has been given the caretaker manager’s job, and his first game will be against us – so, we face a team with ‘new manager’ syndrome, and also with absolutely no pressure on them because they’re already down… you can sense what’s coming, can’t you?

We’re also rather in the shit personnel-wise too. James Henry returned to Reading having amassed a miniscule 2-3 minutes of first team action, so we’re once again without any form of right winger (unless you count Kevin James, which I don’t!), and Nathan Tyson looks set to sit out the remainder of the season with a serious knee injury – leaving us with only two fit strikers in Jack and Grant. Agogo and Clingan are also both unavailable for the season. Whether or not Smoulders considers recalling someone like Spencer Weir-Daley or Felix Bastians remains to be seen, but so far he doesn’t seem to be unduly concerned about our obvious shortfalls.

Brentford also have striker woes, Jo Kuffour is a doubt with a hand injury he picked up against Crewe earlier this week, and former-Reds fat bastard Neil Shipperley looks unlikely to feature as he has a calf strain (probably from carrying all that weight around!). Whilst the pressure if off Brentford in terms of amassing points for survival – I’m sure they’ll be keen to repay their fans who’ve endured a torrid season with a notable scalp, and Forest always seem to be happy to provide their own notable scalps on such occasions!

So, how will it pan out? Forest have been subject of a torrid time from the fans lately following a disappointing spell to add to the other disappoint spells this season, they’ll want to register the win to silence a few critics (probably including me 🙂 ), Brentford don’t need the points – so I suspect they won’t be busting a gut exactly, but will be more inclined to play the ball around and enjoy the occasion. Given how much time and space we give our opponents it could make for an entertaining game – but of course, entertainment has not been Forest’s watchword this season.

If we sneak an early goal and defend which is what seems to be the norm (assuming the early goal comes) then I think we’ll shoot ourselves in the foot – as I’ve said before, even given our horrendous injury list, I do think that we have enough in the squad to get the result, but that relies on several members of the squad upping their game and showing their capabilities more. I’m looking toward the likes of Perch and Commons to really stamp their authority on midfield and ensure we dominate, and Grant and Jack need to be finishing lethally. A bit more consistency from the centrebacks wouldn’t go amiss either.

Hopefully Brentford’s strikers won’t play so high up the pitch allowing Smith to roll out to Curtis or Wright – whilst I appreciate the fans frustrations with his distribution against Rotherham, I think the berating and ironic cheering was over the top, and couldn’t have done the lad’s confidence any good at all, we all know his kicking isn’t the best, so why get hot and bothered about it? Ultimately, we need our boys to step up to the plate and take responsibility for getting a win, a convincing one preferably. Whether they’re prepared to do such a thing, however, is a matter for conjecture!