The inevitable prediction game..

The BBC helpfully have an online league predictor for League One.  It’s a tough game to resist – so I’ve had a bash with it – feel free to do so yourselves and share your results – I actually had Bristol City along with us continuing to bottle it allowing Blackpool to supplant both of us to pick up 2nd spot – leaving us, in this case, in third place and thus a play off semi final date with Yeovil Town, probably the preferable of the options open to us.

Admittedly, still being incredibly irritated by Forest I’ve been quite unkind with our predictions – and I suspect my distaste towards Bristol City has possibly made me a little overly harsh on their results too.  But that’s what it’s all about really, isn’t it?  Looking at our run in – if we could sort ourselves out it’s certainly not a foregone conclusion just yet – and I definitely do think that Blackpool are the ones to watch.

Here’s to Neil Harris redeeming himself in the eyes of a few riled fans and scoring the winning goal for Millwall against Bristol City on 28th April.  Hmmm, now I really am dreaming, aren’t I?  But there are a few twists and turns to come, I think – indeed, I had Forest in 2nd place with one game to go – only to disappoint with a draw against Crewe on the final day of the season to consign us to the playoffs.