The boys in Red let us down. Again.

Nottingham Forest – 1
Rotherham United – 1

Almost 28,000 fans turned out for a warm Easter Monday afternoon, and ultimately wasted their valuable day off work watching Forest play as though they too were due a day off.  Had Rotherham brought more with them, we could certainly have had an extra thousand on our attendance – if the players needed reminding of how important this season and promotion is to the fans, then this level of support at League One should have been an unnecessary reminder.

Smoulds started with Tyson for Lester, dropped Gary Holt for the returning Prutton, but had a very defensive looking bench with Wes, Jules, Gary Holt and Lester sitting alongside Rune Pedersen – but more on that later.  The game started badly, Rotherham looked bright going forward, and but for a glancing header from Grant going wide we had very few opportunities until we were already 1-0 down.

Chris O’Grady must have been in shock when he hardly turned on a sixpence, but somehow left Ian Breckin in his wake as he stormed into the D and unleashed a tremendous shot into the top corner giving Smith no chance – very poor from Breckin, and there was no cover at all from his partner either.  The Millers fans burst into life and left the rest of the City Ground crowd in somewhat stunned silence.

Very soon after Nathan sprung the offside trap and worked himself into a one on one Neil Cutler – but the finish lacked confidence or quality allowing the keeper to get a touch to send the ball wide.  It looked game on to round the keeper for me, who was very quick off his line and off balance, but it wasn’t to be and we had to make do with a corner, which predictably was wasted.

The goal did come though, Craig Fleming blatantly cropped Tyson in the area to give us a 21st minute penalty, which Grant Holt calmly buried into the corner, sending the keeper the wrong way in the process.  Chambers had a chance from a rare Commons corner that beat the first man, but could only send a fairly tame header over the bar – he really should have done better with this.

Rotherham continued to look useful going forward, Smith saving well from a Facey header, and Henderson hitting it high and wide from around 12 yards.  We were to have chances though, an excellent McGugan corner found Grant on the back post but Cutler was equal to the header and made a smart save to give us another corner – this time taken by Commons, and lo and behold, wasted.

Tyson – who’d picked up a knock in the first half, that Smoulds described post-match as “not too clever – was replaced by Lester at half time, but it was still Rotherham attacking – this time down the left, their right winger making a monkey of Curtis before passing it across the acres of space in our penalty area giving goalscorer O’Grady a glorious opportunity from 7 yards out – but he managed to miss, somehow!

McGugan was taken off having had treatment, and this is where Smoulds’ defensive bench took its toll, because Wes Morgan was his replacement.  We switched to a back three with Curtis and Mini-Me operating as ‘wingbacks’ (although they were more back than wing!) and the crowd were starting to get restless – their heckling of Smith to roll it out when a short throw wasn’t always available was understandable but somewhat shortsighted in many cases – and must have worked wonders for Smith’s confidence.

A freekick from around 20 yards was well struck by Commons, both beating the wall AND hitting the target but Cutler again was equal to the task and dived well to his right to make the save again giving us a corner – which predictably enough, came to bugger all.  Bennett came on for Wright shortly after this – and to be fair to him, he put a great ball in from the byeline almost immediately which Grant could only head back across goal where Cutler was on hand to gather it.

Lester had a shot saved, Commons toe poke from the rebound was never really looking goalbound and was cleared by a Millers defender – and that was about it, despite the five minutes of stoppage time I think Forest really only forced two saves from Cutler in the second half, and ultimately the Millers were more than worthy of a share of the spoils – a draw was probably the fair result, leaving our highest crowd of the season going home very disappointed indeed.

This disappointment was magnified as news filtered through that the Gills had done us a big favour by beating Bristol City.  A win would’ve put us within 2 points of the Robins, and even my pessimism might have lifted a touch.  As it was, the gap is 4 points again – just like it was before Easter, but now with 2 less games to play.   Far too much ground to make in too few games – particularly if we keep playing so shockingly badly.

Regular readers will know I’m not one to turn on the manager – but his “exciting finish” comments on the radio post-match are really starting to irritate me now.  Our players have the demeanor – with a few exceptions – of not really caring enough to put in performances that their wages and our expectations warrant – and I really do fear the worst if we end up in the playoffs because these lads don’t seem to be able to cope at all well when there’s any degree of pressure on them.

I’m very angry indeed right now, the fans played their part today – an attendance that would be the envy of most of the Championship and even some of the Premiership turned up only to be subjected to workmanlike football, poor passing and an absence of passion or effort over the 90 minutes.  I really wish that we could somehow instigate a system of performance related wages – perhaps that’s the only motivation that some of our squad seem to have?


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  1. Well, that’s quite a challenge now. But Brizzle are not unbeatable, and next Saturday they face Yeovil who are in a good playoff run. Call me whatever you want guys, but I will lose hope only when there is -mathematically- no hope. Otherwise, Wembley here I come.

  2. What a waste! The two team above us both lose and we gain… a point! The only team lower than Rotherham got relegated today. Even we would have to go some to fall out of the playoffs, but I reckon that this is Smoulds’ gameplan – he’s going for 7th, not second.

    Wembley? JPT 08, I reckon.

  3. Well well well, once again I feel totally knackered after watching Forest? Why is it whenever I watch this bunch of tripe I always come out of the ground, frustrated, angry and with a bloody headache. When you buy a ticket to watch Forest it should have an health warning on because watching what we watch is just very painful indeed.

    To me Rotherham looked more threatening going forward, why is it Forest never play down the wings getting quick wipped crosses in for the strikers, no wonder why we struggle to score goals. If that bloke had put that chance in from 6 yards than we would be even more up the shit creek.

    I didn’t expect us to only get one point from these two games, this just isn’t good enough, how many more times can us fans turn up in numbers again and the players just don’t perform. Something is just not quite right. How much support can we give them, I am getting very bored indeed of wasting my time and money on these over paid big time charlies.

    I remember at the start of the season Northampton fans warned us about boring and negative football under CC, I laughed this off at the time but now they were 100% right.

    Next game is Brentford, they are virtually down, haven’t won in ages, what is the betting they win on Saturday???????

    Also from looking at the bench we have no flair, creativity or pace, now I might be a bit off here but the reserves are top of the league and also the academy team is, it doesn’t take a rocket scienctist to work out that we should be given these guys ago, after all the team looks like it could do with freshning up.

    Anyway rant over, can’t wait for the play offs, Not. At least it will be exciting hey Colin????

    Weren’t we 8 points clear at one stage, fucking rubbish

  4. Mr B sums it up for me…………we were fucking rubbish!

  5. I am sick to death of watching this shite, how much longer do we have to endure this?

    Calderwood, you are a shocking manager, it still feels like Megson is here, terrible, and as for you lot on the field, you should be ashamed.

    Commons do me a favor and clear of to a big club and let’s see how you do.

    Curtis, Grolt, Holt, Tyson, Smith, and Breckin you lot are not worthy of the Forest shirt the lot of you are out ya depth.

    Doughty, out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Absolute Crap…..not guts, no nerve……we just bottled it today, 28,000 fans a bit of pressure and the usual outcome….90 minutes of toothles shit.

    If we do not make the 2nd spot (which I think we will miss) we will blow the play-offs, how are we going to cope at Wembley….if we get through a 2 part qualification….remember Chealsea………we need a rethink.

    I felt like we had lost today…but Calderwood was happy with the F***ing point?

  7. forgot……….And to top it all off it took ages to get served at half time……forest must use the same scouts to find the catering staff as they do players….

  8. Blown it.
    Well done forest, miles clear before christmas you’ve conspired to fuck it right up by playing negative boring football.
    It didnt start well with Smith managing to cock-up twice in the first 10 minutes and Breckin standing still (again) to let them score. We get ourselves back into it with the penalty then promptly start going sideways or backwards all over again.
    28000 people turned up to watch you forest, and not for the first time this season you got stage-fright. Colin, you’d better sort this attitude out fella, cos we aint going to beat any of the sides in the scrap for promotion at the moment.

  9. Sort it out Doughty/Calderwood or we’ll be on your backs!

  10. Very poor, cant help feeling our chance has gone!!!

  11. Come the end of the season regardless, I am making plans for banners posters etc with the slogan Doughty out, there may be people out there who disagree with this, but to be honest I could give to s**ts, the bloke is a complete and utter moron who has very little love for our beloved club.

    Colin Calderwood has done little or nothing to elevate my doubts about the man, which stemmed as early as when he was rumoured to be taking over and many Northampton fans pre warning us of his negative tactics and clueless awareness.
    At first I thought this may have been a case of sour grapes, but o how they were right.

    Doughty knew precisely was he was doing when appointing Calderwood and what he was getting so you Nigel should be held responsible for this mess. I have been down as a fan many times as a fan (mainly during Doughty’s reign) but after yesterdays I feel like a broken man. The rot is well and truly alive and I see no end to this while these men are still in power.

    To the bashers who want to criticize my comments all I will say is “I’ll leave it with you,” but is it really such a crime to demand change, explanations, reassurance for the future? What do we get “We Are Serious About Promotion, Are You?) What an insult to our intelligence.

    I am certainly not alone in my views and I’m pretty sure sooner or later, the blind faith will soon come onside and realise this is our only pathway out. It’s rather sad it’s come to this though; the clowns have brought on them self.

    We are still paying the price for a huge gamble nearly 8 years ago, how does that work out as being a justly price to pay?

    There is a mass clearout needed from top to bottom, Doughty, Arthur, Calderwood and his coaching staff, and half the squad, I’m prepared to build for the future and be patience but knowing it really is going to happen, as apposed to the false dawns the forever plague this once great club.

    Or am I just another fan with too higher expectations am I?

    We are a joke, period!

  12. It’s very difficult to remain optimistic with the way we are playing at present. All the headlines before the weekend were ‘We must be aware of the Neil Harris factor’ and lo and behold, our former non-scoring striker ends all hope of automatic promotion! Who writes these bloody scripts?!

    I’m sure CC must realise that failure will mean that he is on his bike at the end of the season. He could really do with finding an ace up his sleeve to inject a spark into the team before the play offs. James Henry must be given a chance to show us what he can do.

    After earlier in the season when we had 8 or 9 strikers, it seems (amazingly) that we are now down to just 2 fit ones! CC has already said that Tyson is doubtful for Saturday’s game so whatever the extent of his injury, surely Wier-Daley MUST be recalled from loan? If he doesn’t do this then it could be Breckin up front against Brentford on Saturday.

  13. I wish to vent my anger after witnessing the most atrocious game of football I’ve seen played at the City Ground this season.

    After having to endure some totally shocking football under the tenure of Gary Megson, I genuinely thought we Forest fans would never again have to witness the horrors of the past and Nigel Doughty had finely got it right when he announced he was now looking for an “up and coming manager.” During this interview Doughty noted that he wasn’t surprised by the level of interest in the vacant position at the City Ground but stressed time would be taken while sifting through the applications.

    And whom does he choose out of this gigantic list, Colin Calderwood!

    It seemed he ticked all the right boxes, young, experienced, but most importantly guided his previous club to promotion, and all be it the third attempt.

    The first few months seemed to be going fantastic, even with without our main man we seemed to be ploughing through teams with much ease, but the most bizarre thing of all, we wasn’t even playing well.

    Many thought we were soon going to click into gear, get Tyson back and introduce some fresh legs in January then we would kick on and finish the job off as Champions, so what on earth went wrong?

    During our December wobble; which we have never recovered from, I was expecting Calderwoods quality to shine through by the introduction of his motivational skills, here we would then see us go on another mazy run.

    This to date has never emerged; all we have seen is this constant post match drivel, that’s leaves a more sour taste than a pint of milk that’s been on a doorstep for six months.

    I am not kidding but that game of football was an absolute disgrace yesterday and a full and frank apology was what was needed from Calderwood. This unsurprisingly never came though what did was not his normal routine but here for the first time, I seemed to witness a man lost of words, lost for ideas or excuses.

    Regarding the game, as it’s now yesterday’s news and enough people have already commented on why the bench was packed out with defenders, why we decided to play 5 at the back, why we had no width, why the midfield was non-existent and why the hell we constantly played hopeless long balls up field to two strikers with little or no pace?

    I can honestly say I can’t tell either Megson or Calderwoods game plan or tactics apart, in fact it still feels like the mans here.

    Calderwood is a very poor manager at best and how he managed to get Northampton up I’ll never know, but what I do know is I won’t be having the patience for 3 years for him to achieve this with us because to be honest he doesn’t deserve it.

    I now feel this job was far to big for him and he was way over confident with himself when foolishly claiming we’d be in the Championship come May, this will only result in him alienating himself from the fans in the coming months.

    If any of you fans out there still think he will get us up, you are even crazier than some of the positive comments that still spill out onto various forums.

    This is yet another gamble gone wrong by the man who claims to be a fan of Nottingham Forest.

    Get this Nigel, if you really are a fan, you’ll do us a big favor and walk away!

    Before the rumbles start and cause even more heartache for both kids and families alike!

    An absolute shambles from top to bottom!

  14. i see it now bristol and forest bottle it and blackpool storming into second on last game of season.

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