Prutts wants to stay at Forest.. apparently..

According to the esteemed Evening Post, David Prutton would like to stay with Forest – regardless of whether we attain promotion or not.  This is, undoubtedly, great news – of course, the cynic in me – who has an unerring ability to raise his ugly head – would suggest that a player out of contract at the end of the season, currently on loan, is bound to come out with such comments to ensure that at least one firm offer will be on the table come next season.

His comments read well though – he’s enjoying himself here after a well-documented turbulent time down south, and so long as that translates to performances on the pitch then everyone’s a winner.  I do wish he would re-grow his Hobo beard though, that used to entertain me no end – I was very sorry to see it had gone the way of the Gillette Fusion when the players came to warm up down at Bristol last weekend.

In other news, my March column for Left Lion is published in all it’s glory – and ideal way of cutting through all the chaff I post on here and getting a distilled summmary of goings on fortress City Ground.  And of course, being a staunch Nottinghamian the website in general is a haven of localness that is unrivalled on the ‘net – so check out the rest of it as well!

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