Brum and Palace seeking Commons touch?

As news broke today that Forest are reading to re-explore contract negotiations with Kris Commons,  who is out of contract in the summer, it has started circulating on the rumour mill that both Crystal Palace and Birmingham City are keeping tabs on the midfielder.  Commons’ representatives are due to get together with Mark Arthur in the coming weeks to thrash out a new deal – which will hopefully seal Kris’ future as a Forest player for a while longer.

Kris is young enough to still command compensation should he choose to leave on a Bosman in the summer, although as you’ll remember from Gareth Williams’ judas-like defection to the dirty place, these compensation valuations rarely approach the actual value of the player – so we’ll be keen to tie him up with a contract to ensure we protect his value.

It’s always reported that Commons is a Forest supporter – although to be honest, I don’t put much stock with footballers and what teams they are supposed to support – given the obvious blurring of team and employer, I imagine that any degree of a supporter’s definition of ‘loyalty’ is all but null and void when you’ve been involved with the game professionally.

Commons himself hasn’t been too drawn on the subject – predictably his comments are vague about interest from other clubs, saying that his agent has not informed him of any such things, and he remains focused on his primary goal of helping Forest to promotion this season – and indeed, this could be quite pivotal in what kind of deal is on offer from Forest, so you can understand why Kris has been biding his time.