Six games to go, remaining fixtures…

It’s tight at the top, as we know – although perhaps not as tight as we’d like.  With six games remaining, it is a good time to examine the remaining fixtures for the top six teams.  Despite my generally pessimistic outlook, it does make good reading for us as we do have arguably the easiest run in of the top six.  Having said that, we don’t exactly have an impressive record of impressing against ‘struggling’ teams – so you could see it as a bad thing too.

Here are the fixtures in all their beauty (thanks to Vassilis, who sent it to me in the first place!) – you’ll notice that only us and Oldham don’t have a fellow top six team to face in our run in.


Throw nearly-teams like Swansea into the mix and it could become quite interesting indeed.  Of course, we all know from countless fruitless betting slips that predicting results is not an exact science – but it would take a very confident Bristol City fan to think that they aren’t going to drop points over those six games.  Equally, it would be a deliriously optimistic Reds fan who would think the same of us.  But you can do your own calculations for a bit of fun, and see what happens!