Felix and James dumped out on loan…

No sooner had he returned from his loan signing, Felix is on the move again – this time to League One Gillingham.  Naturally, this has lead to all manner of speculation about what this could portend relating to our ongoing interest in Matty Jarvis – I’m willing to hazard a guess that it has bugger all to do with it.  As with Spencer’s loan, it gives Felix an opportunity to experience football at the same level as the first team squad – also the Gills have yet to face Bristol City, so hopefully he snags a few goals against them!

Meanwhile, Kevin James has been deemed – once again – not good enough to manufacture a move to play against our rivals, so has gone to Swindon on loan.  I’m not sure when Kevin James’ contract expires – but after being overlooked by subsequent managers (including the one who signed him!) he really has proven to be somewhat of a waste of space in his time as a Forest player.  It makes you wonder why we deal with Gillingham at all – Marlon King, Kevin James – although Nicky Southall proved to be a good move I guess.


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  1. An interesting move. Its all very well Felix banging in 4 goals in 9 at non-league level but how will he do at this level at a team with nothing going for them really. Hopefully he can tap up Matty Jarvis too whilst he’s down there!

    I think James’ contract expires at the end of this season which will explain why, from the clubs point of view we are prepared just to let him sit and rot with the odd loan out (Yeovil and now Swindon) when we can. Says something for the guys ambition that he’s not chaffing at the bit to play first team football though. Shame. Waste of a talent really.

  2. is anyone going to give calderwood some credit for this? i doubt it because that’s not the way forest fans work these days. but it is a very canny move to send players out on loan to play for clubs who can take points off our rivals… (contrast that to the ginger tosser before him who wanted our fringe players to rot in hell).

  3. I definitely agree credit is due to Smoulds for this, of course, that is somewhat dependent on how Felix and Spencer perform on their respective loans – but if we see them both doing well then it’s a very clever move.

  4. A clever move indeed & allows us to see if they can ‘cut it’ at this level

  5. i’m not too upset to see james go out, as has been said before you have to wonder about his (lack of) ambition. On an earlier thread i did give cc some credit, more for chambers perch mcgugan and henry tho to be fair. He certainly has gone up in my estimation recently, trying younsters who will hopefully bust a gut for this club.
    All you’ve got to do now colin is cut out the long ball crap which rarely works and isnt what forest are about, and stop defending so bloody deep…my ticker cant take it!!

  6. Couldn’t agree with you more mattyboy
    what is it with Gillingham, had MA got some ‘relations’ down there and likes a trip down South. It seems to work more in their favour than ours though so they must have the photographs.
    bloody hell i’m nearly cheerful and looking forward to Saturday

  7. wtf kevin james still plays for us?!

  8. I have no idea why NewsNow decided to take it upon itself to relist this story!

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