Why Wright’s a “laugh your socks off” signing!

I’m reliably informed that upon getting kitted up having signed for Forest, somebody had to sheepishly go and pick up some junior sized socks from the club shop for Alan Wright to wear! I know it’s childish to find such stories so amusing, but it’s still tickled me a bit. Maybe this is the true meaning of a “blow your socks off” signing? Or perhaps at least a “laugh your socks off” one!

Jokes aside though, small in stature or otherwise, Wrighty massively exceeded my expectations yesterday, and if he maintains that level of performance during the Cheltenham game then I can see Julian having a battle on his hands to win his place back in the side – maybe not a “blow your socks off” signing in the conventional sense, but certainly given the dissenting voices when it was announced, it seems that Smoulds knows better than some of us!


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  1. And on a more serious note it was pleasing to see a completely adult performance from the man with little feet instead of some of the infantile behaviour portrayed by the player he has replaced.

  2. A good performance and some good crosses into the box from Mini Me

  3. I must admit I found it particular comical when he was jostling with their small center forward! But jokes aside he is clearly a different class to JB and I felt our good (if goal-less) first half performance was down in a large part to having players at the back (Wright and Chambers) who could do more than aimlessly hoof if down the park.

  4. Hear hear!!!

    The two lads sat next to me in UBE had never even heard of Alan Wright (mind you, they are only in the mid 20’s!) and I told them he was a “seasoned pro” !!

    I thought he had a marvellous game and slotted in really well. Some of the balls he played into feet, especially in the first half, were excellent.

    Whilst I don’t dislike JB, and he’s a great source of amusement, he’ll never make an attacking full back whilst I have a hole in my backside!!!

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