T’was the night before Christmas…

So here we are, finally.  This time tomorrow we’ll know the outcome of our biggest game in a while – I imagine all but the most deliriously optimistic fans think they already know the outcome!  It’s going to be an early start for most of us – the official coaches leave at 8:00am – Forest aren’t allowing fans to park in the carpark due to the sheer numbers going by coach, such is the number of people travelling!

The press still hasn’t let up – the banner I mentioned in a previous post appeared on the back of the Evening Post today, which was quite chucklesome, Nathan Tyson continues to prove a tremendous ambassador for the club in this lengthy interview in the Telegraph, and generally, if Forest could get money for the amount of national column inches they’ve been filling lately, they’d be laughing!

As for me, I’ve picked up some food to take on the coach with me, charged the camera and have made just about all the preparations I can – I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited by the game tomorrow; not particularly because I’m expecting an upset – although that would be nice – but I’m really looking forward to taking my place amongst the 6,300 odd other Forest fans (they’re just the ones in the away end!) and making a right racket.

Safe journey to those of you travelling, those of you confined to your front rooms and watching in the pub, then I hope that you’re still able to feel part of a great game – then once the full time whistle blows, the players are applauded off, we can all take stock and get back to our day job business of backing the lads in the league – because that is undoubtedly where our priorities lie!  Yooooooooooooou Reds!