New source for transfer gossip!

I’m a big fan of Wikipedia – all those random questions that crop up randomly throughout the day can be answered at the drop of a hat thanks to the all-encompassing encyclopedia maintained by the masses of the world.  However I’ve since discovered it can also tell the short term future – see the screen grab below from the page for Barry Cogan:


I’ve highlighted the bit of interest – he will apparently sign tomorrow, as I type (well, just) – so if this happens, remember to check out any player we’re linked with on the hallowed site to see if they do, in fact, have their transfer date preconfirmed!  Of course, with the site being open and free to be edited by anybody, it could be that somebody is just having a bit of a jape – or maybe Barry updates his own page? Who knows!  Made me chuckle though.

Whilst we’re talking about genius websites in the context of Barry Cogan, below is a clip from YouTube of him in action..


Fighting talk emanates from the City Ground..

I suppose it’s inevitable from now until Sunday that we’ll get cheesy soundbites from the Forest squad members in the run up to the game.  Apparently, for Forest World subscribers, Nathan Tyson is seeking a chink in the Chelsea armoury, whilst skipper Ian Breckin is hoping to recover from a foot injury to take his place in the lineup having missed training earlier in the week because of it.

Even local boxer Carl Froch has been getting in on the act by joining the squad for training, and apparently scaring poor Kris Commons in the process!  Hopefully we can live up to Carl’s reputation and deliver a knock-out ‘cobra’ strike to humble our more illustrious opponents, but I think not somehow!  The less optimistic John McGovern reckons that we need to watch out for Lampard.  That’s all well and good, but what about the rest of the Chelsea team, John?

Sammy Clingan played a full 90 minutes in a reserve friendly to give his match fitness a boost now he returns from suspension, whilst apparently Jack Lester is back in contention, and Dobie scored twice in the reserves.  Smoulderwood has spoken about selection headaches, as whilst everyone in the squad will be champing at the bit to play, we need a reality check in many ways because we can’t risk any damage to our arguably much more important league fixtures – starting with our trip to Carlisle on Wednesday.

This is probably the first time in living memory we’ve had this kind of media exposure where we’ve been presented so overtly as underdogs – certainly in my lifetime anyway, and it’s brought about an interesting polarity amongst Forest fans.  You have the righteous (should that be self-righteous?) indignation from some of the fans who resent we’re so obviously an underdog, and you have the giddy fans awaiting a big away trip and looking to enjoy it.  It seems that even in the undeniably great occasion of facing the league champions in the cup and making a pot of cash to boot, Forest fans will always find a way of bitching with one another in one way or another!