Midfield target sighted in Nottingham?

It’s a bit of a “my next door neighbour’s window cleaner has a brother who brushed against someone who’s aunty babysits for somebody who knows a Barnet fan at university in Nottingham” type rumour, really – so don’t treat it as fact, at all, but a poster on LTLF has suggested that Barry Cogan has been sighted in the Victoria Centre in Nottingham, where he confirmed he’s set to sign for us this week.

I found a Millwall forum where a fan describes him as quick, creative and tricky – just the kind of things we like to hear.  The rumoured bid for him his £350,000 – which is not to be sniffed at from Barnet’s point of view, I suppose – so whilst the source is dodgy as hell, it’s at least quite exciting speculation – particularly if we do manage to get him signed this week – of course, the fact that few of us have heard of him is likely to get a few folk moaning – but sod it, it’s a rumour of an incoming player so that’s good in my book!!