Transfer speculation round up..

Of course, bugger all has happened in terms of actually signing anyone, but we are apparently trialling a French defender by the name of Abdelhazzi Kamara.  He has apparently had interest from both Premiership and Championship clubs, but the lure of first team football is thought to be enough to sway him in our favour.   Aside from that, I know little about him – even Soccerbase doesn’t seem to list him!

We’ve also been linked with midfielder Barry Cogan from Barnet – he joined them from Millwall at the start of this season, and has apparently impressed since then.  Once again, that’s about all I know about him – but certainly a midfielder has been high up on many people’s priority list – but let’s face it, we’ve been linked with all manner of people since the middle of December!

In non-Forest transfer news, Andy Keogh has moved from Scunthorpe United to Wolves for £600k – any news of our rivals being weakened is good, and whilst it would unfairly belittle Scunny to suggest there’s nothing more to them than Sharp and Keogh, those two players are pretty key for them.  With a bit of luck someone will make an offer they can’t refuse for Billy Sharp as well!

As we enter the last week of the window, we should start to see some activity – there will be much irritation and anger if nothing happens.  To return to Forest briefly, the rather dodgy rumours linking Jack Lester to Gillingham peaked my interest – I’ve seen Neil Harris, Scott Dobie, Nicky Southall and now Jack linked with a move to Kent, I wonder whether I’m reading too much in to it or whether there could be some truth in us perhaps trying to find a player-exchange deal for a certain member of the Gills squad?


eBay profiteers to be thwarted legally?

Out of morbid curiosity more than anything I’d been keeping an eye on eBay to see if any spare tickets for the Chelsea game found their way onto the online auctioning site.  So far I’ve only seen a few “wanted” listings with some fans willing to pay £100 or more per ticket – it was rumoured one was listed for sale too, reached £85 before disappearing from the site entirely.

It was mentioned by Colin Fray on BBC Radio Nottingham on their Matchtalk programme this evening that Forest are pursuing legal avenues to prevent this, which in the light of the many inadequacies in selling the tickets, is a welcome step from the club.  With so many of our committed supporters disappointed either through arriving too late or relying on the bug-ridden ticket website (which only sold 300 tickets apparently), it’s shameful to think some of those fortunate enough to acquire a ticket would be willing to exploit fellow fans in this way.

That said, I imagine that any such sellers are likely to be recipients of corporate or internal freebies rather than those of us who queued up to buy tickets.  For one thing, if you bought a chunk of tickets together they’d be next to each other (well, more often than not), so you’d end up sitting with the person you’d fleeced which I’d hope even the most shameless person would be uncomfortable with.

Given the lack of listings I’ve spotted then perhaps it’s a bit of a non-issue anyway, and I’m sure there are other means for unscrupulous ticket holders to dispose of their tickets for a profit should they have such a motivation and lack of common decency.