Inflatable amusement for Stamford Bridge..

It’s true that you have to scrape the barrel to find any bragging rights over our forthcoming FA Cup opponents.  But if you scrape far enough you could find a nugget or two of significance, admittedly, they are very faded and very old nuggets – but significant nonetheless.  It was with amusement that I heard that many Forest fans have been ordering inflatable European Cups to take to Stamford Bridge with them at the weekend.

Of course, any such antics are firmly tongue-in-cheek – any sane person can see that Forest fans would much rather see the Reds in the position of our illustrious opponents from West London right now rather than languishing in division 3 – but of course, we are a major underdog in this tie, so we’re allowed to be a bit cheeky, and have a bit of a laugh – and waving around the prize that Abramovich’s millions has as yet been unable to buy tickles my funnybone!

So if you want to join in the fun, then visit this site – you can even get five for the price of four!  Seeing the packed away end full of fans waving inflatable European Cups would be hilarious – ultimately, it would be quite a fruitless pisstake, but still amusing – I’m sure the home fans will be little more than bemused at it, but it will make for amusing scenes and on telly too – afterall, Cloughie didn’t need Russian millions to deliver two of those little beauties to provincial Nottingham Forest!

Get a few ordered and join in the fun!


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  1. As they would say in the Beano – EXCELLENT WHEEZE!

    If we buy enough even the BBC might get the joke and comment….!!!

  2. Not funny at all; and it’s been done before at Stamford Bridge.

  3. Oh no! People have sat in seats at Stamford Bridge before, maybe we shouldn’t go at all? 😛

  4. As a liverpool fan who cursed the team of Shilton, Woodcock, Francis and Robertson, I think it’s a great idea. But remember, poor Chelsea are feeling a little bruised and batterred at the moment, so don’t be too nasty to them.

  5. I reckon they’ll be feeling just fine come full time 😆

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