The first chant you learned…

This sprung to mind because I heard a reprise of the first Forest chant I ever learned at the weekend.  Back when I was at school and starting to properly get into being a Forest fan, some of my schoolmates who had been going to games longer than I used to very patiently teach me how the chants went in the schoolyard.  Of course, during this time Forest used to get to Wembley nearly every year it seemed – so it didn’t seem so alien then as it does now.

So my first ever Forest chant was:

We’re on the march for Cloughie’s army
We’re all going to Wem-ber-leeeee!
And we’ll really shake ’em up
When we win the FA Cup
‘Coz Forest are the greatest football team!

I’ve always had a soft spot for it ever since – it enjoyed a brief renaissance in the aftermath of Cloughie’s passing (and of course, FA Cup was interchangable with the various incarnations of the League cup, which typically we were travelling to Wembley to contest!).  So it’s great to hear it in the stands again, I’m not convinced that Colin has replaced Cloughie either – but well, our latest cup run isn’t likely to last beyond Chelsea at the end of the month, so we might as well enjoy it while we can.

Feel free to take advantage of the commenting facility to share your own ‘first chants’ – of course, whilst I fondly remember the one detailed, I don’t think anything made the hairs on my neck rise quite so much as being in the old Trent End, and just as the players come out of the tunnel unleashing the “Psycho salute” – awesome stuff.


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  1. circa 1967
    Ay ay ay ay, Grummitt’s better than Yashin
    Baker’s better than Eusebio – and you’re in for a thrashin’

  2. My first away game Sheffield Wednesday, 1995. Remember the score??

    After Stuart Pearce smashed in his free kick:- “PSYCHO PSYCHO PSYCHO PSYCHO….

    I was hooked from then on!!

    Aaah the memories..

    YOU REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. April fools day no less! That was a great day!

    I’m pretty sure they have the highlights on Forest World for that game.

  4. My first chant was the chant of the all blacks . i also know all the dance moves

  5. Yes they are!

    All the goals are classics, truly memorable!

  6. Colly-more


    Coly colly more

    He kicks the ball, scores a goal

    Colly colly more

  7. Can’t remember the first but the one that made the biggest impression is probably the shortest “Come on You Reds” sang at kick off and at various times through the match around 1978 and 1979. People who have the misfortune to have been born too late would not believe how loud the City Ground could get back in those days especially with that chant.

  8. …the football song, we’ve got the bes team in the land… Played to death a very young lad!

  9. Talking of chants, does anyone know why we sing You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling? I think this started around the 94-95 season.

  10. We were taught ‘whole word in our hands’ at primary school. We were told it was a song about God!

    Guess they weren’t far wrong.

  11. A bit off topic but I have best memories of Laurie London’s “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” as the Reds ran out during the late, great Cloughie era.

    I have that now in mp3 format but ‘suppose copyright would prevent you putting it up on the site ?

    I’ve always thought we should have stuck with it ~ through thick & thin ~ bloody sight better than that “Robin Hood, Robin Hood . . . . ” crap.

  12. Sod it!



  13. Whats wrong with Robin Hood as they come out. Reminds me of Burkitt, McKinlay and
    Richard Green a real TV Robin Hood.

    And the naff chant from the 50s. 2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate – F-O-R-E-S-T
    FOREST. But we went up from 3rd to 1st in a short time.


  14. WORKSOP RED – I’m sure we’ve been singing You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling for longer than that. The song was popularised by the film Top Gun and I have a memory of standing in the Trent End in the late 80’s where they used to play it over the tannoy and we would all join in!

    Speaking of the Trent End, does anyone else remember the old ‘right side’ ‘left side’ banter in the centre section of the Trent End where we used to provide our own half time entertainment? A gap would open up in the swell and there would be running battles between the 2 sides. God help you if you went under!

  15. my first song was “if i had the eyes of an eagle,if i had the wings of a dove,id fly over derby county and shit on the twats from above”

  16. Well my first chant memory is…….

    “In Dublin’s fair city, where the girls are so pretty, there once lived a girl named Molly Malone.

    She wheeled her wheelbarrow, thru the streets fair and narrow, singing JOE – JOE – JOE BAKER, JOE – JOE – JOE BAKER”

    This would be 1966…… it would appear, very sadly I’m MUCH older than the rest of you!!

  17. I’m not much of a fan of the Robin Hood song – although we still have the trumpet bit even now, melded with Faithless and the latest BBC Robin Hood series theme… it’s not that bad, I suppose.

    We should sing ‘Nottingham Forest are Magic’ more often – well, if they were – preferably including the echo effect inspired by the intro to ‘We’ve got the whole world in our hands’ (see the link in my previous comment for the MP3, by the way!).

    I only had a couple of seasons in the old Trent End before it was torn down – so alas don’t remember any right-vs-left battles 😦

    jordashred: I’m sure my memory of that chant is more like “If I had the wings of an eagle, the dirty great arse of a crow, I’d fly over Derby tomorrow, and shit on the bastards below!”

    EgorTheRed: I wouldn’t be so sad, you may be plumbing the depths with the rest of us right now, but what highs you’ve experienced along your way as a Reds fan!

  18. NFFC ~ thanx 4 the link to that great bit of aural nostalgia.
    Yet the original Laurie London song when played at the start of matches always made me think the words were specifically written for Cloughie. The team’s version of the original (with their names included) was something of a gimmick but totally excusable in the heady late 70s.
    Of course, the Laurie London original would hardly be appropriate now UNLESS it was played as a continual, match-time tribute to the great man every time we ran out. But what’s the chances of that – unfortunately?
    This only seems to work via I.E. and then I get some occasional errors when testing but:-
    Alternatively, you can hear an exert from the L.L. original on here, BUT click on “Cradle Rock” NOT “H.G.T.W.W.I.H.H” as they’ve got ’em mixed. You’ll need to allow scripts to run on the page and when the window opens, do nothing just wait . .,,459945,00.html#more

    Sorry for the ramblings . . . . .

  19. You ramble away, my good man!

  20. The first chant I ever remember on the trent end.
    “Brian Clough is a football Geneous”
    “Brian Clough is a football Geneous”
    “Brian Clough is a football Geneous”

  21. stevie stone
    stevie stone
    stevie stevie stone
    hes got no hair but we dont care
    stevie stevie stone



  23. we were the first to use the Land of Hope and Glory tune – some time in the early 1960s. I remember when they first sang it, all the way through. the words were:
    Forest ever Forest
    All our hopes are with you.
    True supporters forever
    Till our days are through.
    All the seasons before us
    Down through history
    We’ll be cheering the Forest
    On to victory.

  24. Regarding “Lost That Loving feeling”, I gather around the time of Top Gun the song was being played repeatedly on a pub before an away game, so the Reds fans started singing along to it like Tom Cruise in the film. Once they got to the ground they carried it on, fellow Reds joined in – and a legend was born!!

    Not sure the first song I remember was, but one that really sticks in my memory was the one on the Forest record – When the Trent End would sing “We all agree Nottingham Forest are magic!” and the East Stand (where the Brian Clough Stand is now!) would do “the east stand echo” of “are magic, are magic, are magic” for ages!

    Those were the days!

    By the way Betty, that song still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up – hence my username!

  25. Have tried to download whole world in our hands, but won’t work. Have created an account. Any ideas?

    Come on Rotherham!!!!

  26. Thanks Betty for this the greatest Forest song IMHO.
    (my amendments in brackets)

    Can anyone remember the 2nd verse?
    This is hardy ever sung anymore.
    (last time I heard it was in pub in Preston 3 yrs ago)
    This verse is even better IMHO!
    But I’m struggling to remember it. (blush)

    Forest ever Forest
    All our hopes are with you.
    True supporters forever
    Till our days are through.
    (through) the seasons before us
    Down through history
    We (will follow) the Forest
    On to victory.
    (la, la, la, la la, la)

    2nd verse?

  27. oh yh my 1st football chant well it int my first its the best well theres quite a few.

    always shit on the red side of the trent (sung to the tune of always look on the bright side of life)

    Foreva n eva we’ll follow r team we’re leicester city we’re all supreme we’ll neva be mastered by those forest bastads we’ll keep the blue flag flyin high.

    if i ad the wings of an egal if i had the arse of a cow i’d fly ova forest 2morrow n shit on the bastards below below shit on shit on shit on the bastareds below

  28. Presumably you only shit on the red side of the Trent because our toilets are so much nicer than yours?

  29. HAHAHAHA dont make me piss i’ll shit all over ur shitty ground as well

  30. Seems like a great deal of petrol to waste, driving all the way to Nottingham to have a number two – have you thought about your carbon footprint?

  31. HA u herd of bunking a train u dumb ass…. n u’ll neva see a good ground either with ur shit thing u stupid mother fkin cunt LEICESTER TILL I DIE!!!

  32. You bunk a train to have a dump in Nottingham?

    Bless you.

  33. I think you should be applauded nffc, for allowing supporters of all clubs the opportunity to have a reasoned, articulte debate on your blog.

  34. Sod it, can’t even spell ‘articulate’! Mind you, he probably doesn’t know what it means anyway!

  35. nah i dont no what it means but ahhh well i no what it means wen i shaged ya mam n broke her back tho dont i

  36. I love the fact Fester wil be were we are next season!
    With hope and prayers and a good run.
    We will be playing De**y next year

  37. wen u tierd and your wairy
    your hart will skip a beat
    u’ll get ur fukin head kicked in, if u walk down shftsbury st
    u walk into the pop side, u hear a mighty roar.
    fuk of u forest bastards
    we r the derby boyz

  38. I see the standard of education in Direby hasn’t improved! 😆

  39. yh i agree with ya mate derby and nottingham do have shit education unlike the great n mighty leicester 😀

    ur wifes on the game and ur dads in the nick
    u cant get a job cuz ya so FUCKING THICK
    In ya forest/derby slums
    In ya forest/derby slums


    ‘Ollies army Ollies army’

  40. if i had the wings of an eagle an the arse of a crow id fly over NOTTINGHAM FOREST and SHIT ON THE BASTARDS below below SHIT ON SHIT ON SHIT ON THE BASTARDS BELOW!!!!!!!!


  41. It’s clearly true what they say about schooling in Les-dar being backward – that doesn’t even ‘go’ with the tune of the chant 🙂

    Also, it’s good to see you acknowledge that Les-dar WERE going up, but apparently are not any longer 🙂

  42. haha shut the fuck up u dirty scum wer top u prick

    n well see next season u cunt

  43. You’re clearly second, not top.

    Who said terrace wit was dead, eh? Have you not realised nobody really cares about Les-dar up here, yet? 🙂

  44. nffc, do not engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent!

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