The first chant you learned…

This sprung to mind because I heard a reprise of the first Forest chant I ever learned at the weekend.  Back when I was at school and starting to properly get into being a Forest fan, some of my schoolmates who had been going to games longer than I used to very patiently teach me how the chants went in the schoolyard.  Of course, during this time Forest used to get to Wembley nearly every year it seemed – so it didn’t seem so alien then as it does now.

So my first ever Forest chant was:

We’re on the march for Cloughie’s army
We’re all going to Wem-ber-leeeee!
And we’ll really shake ’em up
When we win the FA Cup
‘Coz Forest are the greatest football team!

I’ve always had a soft spot for it ever since – it enjoyed a brief renaissance in the aftermath of Cloughie’s passing (and of course, FA Cup was interchangable with the various incarnations of the League cup, which typically we were travelling to Wembley to contest!).  So it’s great to hear it in the stands again, I’m not convinced that Colin has replaced Cloughie either – but well, our latest cup run isn’t likely to last beyond Chelsea at the end of the month, so we might as well enjoy it while we can.

Feel free to take advantage of the commenting facility to share your own ‘first chants’ – of course, whilst I fondly remember the one detailed, I don’t think anything made the hairs on my neck rise quite so much as being in the old Trent End, and just as the players come out of the tunnel unleashing the “Psycho salute” – awesome stuff.


Help to swell Forests’ transfer coffers..

It’s that time of year again – Coca Cola are running that promotion where they give your club money to buy a player; not that we don’t have money already – indeed, we got more cash for the television rights for our FA Cup game with Chelsea than what Coca Cola are offering, the top prize is £100k for the transfer kitty, and perhaps more compelling, £10k in your own sky rocket.

So basically, the way forward is – should you buy a promotional Coca Cola product, head on over to this website and enter the promotional code, or text the code to 80094.  Apparently you find out immediately if you’re a winner, which is a slight difference to the previous incarnations of this kind of promotion.

We probably won’t win – but well, Brighton won last time I think, and the player they signed – Colin Kazim-Richards (who the Seagulls bought from Bury), is now plying his trade in the Premiership with Sheffield United!