Tyson: I’m going nowhere..

Despite assurances from both the manager and chairman in recent interviews about the need to sell people; and in Smoulds’ case specifically about Tyson, rumours continue to abound about teams looking to prise away Nathan from our grips this january.  West Brom are the latest team to enter the rumour-mill, supposedly interested in both Kris Commons and Nathan Tyson, with fellow West-Midlanders Birmingham City also linked.

So it was nice to hear Tyson on the radio this morning on the way to work, basically saying he knew nothing about it – and as far as he was concerned, he was staying with Forest, and was happy about it.  Of course, he’s bound to say that regardless of any interest he’s aware of – it’s sensible public relations, but given the lack of credible news about Forest’s transfer activity in either direction, it’s an easy leap for lazy journalists after Tyson shone so brightly in our recent FA Cup encounter with Charlton Athletic.

I would hope that even if bids were forthcoming, that Forest would realise that selling Tyson in particular would be a huge show of lack-of-ambition.  Since Commons is set to be hamstrung for the remainder of the transfer window I can’t see any side taking a risk on him, given his injury record anyway a fully fit Commons might leave many potential clubs in some doubt as to his value.  I wish we’d get some news on incoming signings though – even if they’re just poxy rumours, it’s getting boring now!


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  1. Saw a rumour on the Orange WAP message board that we’re bringing in a Premiership Midfielder on load until the end of the season. However, I won’t get too excited until I find out who exactly, as there is a lot of dross, even in the Premiership…

  2. D’oh.. ‘ON LOAN’ of course, not ‘on load’….

  3. Der der der der Nathan Tyson!!!!!!

    Have you heard the tubes are on strike when we play Chelsea!! Should make getting to the ground interesting

  4. Hmm, just found out that the company I work for have an executive box at Chelsea…am trying to get myself in! Will update with my progress later…

  5. Enjoy the prawn sandwiches! 😆

    I shall be joining my fellow plebs and queueing for tickets on Sunday.

  6. Your employers let you write all this while at work ??? !!!

    Gizza job !

  7. Its interesting a few of the teams in our Division are selling their better players to Premier or Championship clubs which I think says loads, not only of their aspirations, but also of the financial predicament they find themselves in.

    I hear in on good authority that Sharp is on the move from Scunny in the window (so that means its probably complete b*llocks!) but I hope its true.

    So I hope all the speculation about Tys et al is just that, speculation. We need to keep our better players as I dont think we need to sell for financial reasons. Lets face it, if the unthinkable happens, and we don’t get promoted this term, then we are going to have plently of time to offload during the summer months ahead.

  8. I agree, Egor, and I’m concerned about the flood of players failing to be added to our squad. We’re only top because no one else in this division can put together the mediocre runs that we manage. But that can’t last – if Scunny do keep their top players and Bristol City actually learn to shoot straight we could be back in third in no time. Then there’s Tranmere, Oldham and Swansea who haven’t really produced the runs they did last season. Even if (sorry, when) we do go up, we need better players to avoid that yo-yo effect we used to enjoy pre-BC.

  9. I wish I were the manager…see billion funs on it

  10. call me pessimistic but i dont think our squad is good enough to get promoted.lets hope scunny sell their two strikers.with away games at swansea and bristol city to come i fear the worst,lets hope i’m wrong and we can play like we did against charlton.

  11. You’re pessimistic! (well, you did tell me to do that 😉 )

    But yes, I’d be very disappointed if we don’t add significant quality to the squad in the window.

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