Strange chants: part ten

It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these, this one I can’t remember much before the late 90’s, and is generally used as a ‘put down’ I suppose.  It’s ubiquitous amongst Forest and just about every other set of fans I’ve encountered, and I find it ever-so-slightly odd and a bit banale (although I must admit, unlike the ‘Easeh Easeh Easeh!’ chant, I have been known to join in with it).

Imagine that the opponents had a near miss, or a disallowed goal – so the almost-cheer goes up, followed by the sullen silence, cue us to unleash:

“Who are ya?
Who are ya?
Who are ya?”

Coupled with pointing gestures.  Why do we do that?  It’s abundantly obvious who we’re playing – you hear their name before the game, it’s on the scoreboard, your programme, you saw it on the fixture list when you were checking if there was a game that day… it’s a bizarre one!  I’m sure there must be a more witty riposte to a near-miss, or a feeble chant from opposing fans than this!