Tys to be a regular wide-boy?

Smoulds has spoken today of the rather obvious notion of playing Nathan Tyson as a flying winger more often after seeing him tear apart hapless Charlton at the weekend.  The prospect excites me, because he was bloody good in that position, and it would suggest continuing with a 4-4-2 formation – which gives us the width we’ve been crying out for for several games now, in my opinion.

Much criticism has been levelled at our central midfield, and not without some just cause, but the lack of width we’ve had at times has given them very few outlets.  Tyson showed his willingness and natural fitness at the weekend, it enabled him not only the charge forwards from deep, but also to get back and do more than his fair share of defensive work – which is certainly something we see too little of from Kris Commons when played in that position.

Smoulds said:

“Playing Nathan on the left is a wonderful option for us.  He presents a different threat to the way Kris plays and we had the full effect of that against Charlton.

“Teams will now have seen Nathan play in that position but it gives us another variable to an already potent attacking force.”

It makes sense – I can imagine that Tys will end up with the double-marking that often happens to Commons, and sometimes even Trigger – this frees up space in midfield and gives us more options, and with Tys I feel there is more chance of him creating something against double-marking, certainly more so than Trig on the other wing, bless him.  Hopefully it will not only give our central midfield more outlets and space, it will give the side more balance too – and crucially it will give the left back more support because of Nathan’s phenominal workrate.

There’s a flipside, of course, we lose his impact upfront, but we rarely manage to play the killer throughball to him anyway, and Agogo has pace enough to play in that role upfront – and the sight of Tyson running with the ball from a deeper position is a tantalising prospect, and one I’d love to see more often!


Prutton heading home?..

.. home being Hull City, of course – his home town club.  Well perhaps, according to this website, which suggests that Burley has made the midfielder available for transfer from Southampton as he’s out of contract at the start of the season.  They also suggest that we are still interested, despite Smoulderwood denying this particular rumour when it first surfaced before the transfer window opened.

Judging by the forums, Prutts would be a popular addition to the Forest squad – a squad that it’s no secret to say is probably looking to strengthen in midfield where Prutton plys his trade.  The pricetag suggested in the article is a mere £200k, which seems very reasonable – and considering we’ve made more than that in our unbudgeted-for FA Cup run already, should be well within our means.

I’m not sure that Prutton qualifies as the “creative” midfielder many clamour for – my memory of him was a hardworking grafter – he’d break up play, he’d put in mileage, he’d invariably get booked (or worse!) and have the occasional shot which would usually end up amongst the fans behind the goal.  I wouldn’t be adverse to him signing at all, but I don’t think he’s the answer to all our problems.

Never fear! Jules has Chelsea sussed!…

… because he has played against them on his Playstation 2, according to The Sun.  The leftback had been unfavoured until a recall into Smoulderwood’s plans against Charlton Athletic, and it’s fair to say he had a bloody good game – perhaps he had been doing a bit of Pro Evo scouting prior to the game with the Addicks too? 

Bennett is a good story about the FA Cup run so far, he was much maligned in previous games in 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 formations, but with Tyson working his arse off infront of him he really came to the fore in a strong performance against Charlton.  Benno had the following to say in the aftermath of the FA Cup draw:

“It will be interesting to play against them properly and not just on Pro-Evolution Soccer!  I was watching the draw with some of the lads and a few of us were out of our seats when we got Chelsea.”

“They have some of the best players in the world, so we can really test ourselves against them.  Hopefully, I will be marking someone like Didier Drogba.”

It’s was good to hear a few of the lads were together to see the draw, things like this are good for team spirit (no, not team spirits, Jack!) and whilst the League should remain their focus – starting with Yeovil on saturday, there’s no harm in getting a bit excited about our forthcoming trip to Stamford Bridge to face ‘The Special One’ and his squad of millionnaire primadonnas.