Bring on the Derby!

It’s less than 16 hours until the FA Cup draw for round four takes place, which has lead me to think about who it would be good to get.  The headline makes my preference somewhat obvious, I’ve decided to cast aside the very realistic prospect that they could do us over for the obvious amusement that us causing an upset would bring.  So look out for our number (15) and theirs (9) on Monday lunchtime.

A big Premiership side at the City Ground would be nice too – one that would generate a sell-out, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool (oh, they’re out, aren’t they? 😆 ) sure, we’d get a good spanking, but it would be an experience for the lads and make us a bit of cash too, I suppose a trip to Old Trafford would generate the most cash given the potential attendance, but can’t see the good people of everywhere-but-Manchester filling Old Trafford for the likes of us.

So anyway, here are the list of possible games that await us, I have emboldened those that would be a tempting prospect for me – who are you hoping for?

  • Blackpool – do me a favour!
  • Swansea City – absolutely not.
  • Portsmouth – no.
  • Bolton Wanderers – no.
  • West Ham United – half would like ’em at home, as they’re having a tough time – but not quite enough, I remember how distasteful their fans are.
  • Les-da/Fulham – Les-da at home could be fun – don’t want Fulham though.
  • DerbyBring it on, if the players can’t raise their game for this, then there’s no hope for them, it would bring a buzz to the City Ground we’ve not had since we beat ’em 3-0 in the playoff season.
  • Wolves/Oldham – no, on both counts!
  • Chester/Ipswich – no, on both counts!
  • Norwich – no, even knowing a Norwich fan isn’t enough to sway me.
  • Preston – no.
  • Arsenal – preferably at home, a trip to the Emirates Stadium would be good, though.
  • Watford – with no Marlon King to abuse there’s absolutely nothing appealing about this fixture.
  • Crystal Palace – no.
  • Bristol City/Coventry – no. Especially not if Brizzle triumph!
  • Peterborough/Plymouth – absolutely and without a doubt no.
  • QPR/Luton – no.
  • Southend/Barnsley – no.
  • West Brom – I’m going with the brass band on this one, f**k off, West Brom! 😆
  • Hull/Middlesbrough – No.
  • Birmingham/Newcastle – I was half tempted to embolden Newcastle, but resisted.
  • Southampton – No.
  • Chelsea – yeah, we’d get spanked, but what an experience for the lads!
  • Bristol Rovers – absolutely not.
  • Stoke – no.
  • Manchester United see Chelsea!
  • Man City/Sheff Wed – a reunion with either Psycho, or Lawsy and Big Norm!
  • Blackburn – no.
  • Cardiff/Tottenham Hotspur I’m not remotely interested in Cardiff, but who could deny Smoulds a reunion with Tottenham?

Excitement as Forest line up first on Match of the Day!

Despite my earlier pessimism, I must admit the great performance from the Reds today reignited my excitement somewhat; particularly since it became apparent we’d be the first feature on Match of the Day – it seems like forever since I’ve waited in anticipation to watch the programme to see a decent amount of coverage of a Forest game, and even considering the annoying BBC punditry it’s still quite exciting – at least they kept Hanson and Lawrenson away from us.

Ultimately, it was – of course – great to re-live the game, to see the ball-over-the-line, to hear the commentators hint that Nathan Tyson did indeed keep the ball in when the linesman gave a throwin (it’s the WHOLE of the ball you numpty!), to see Tyson’s breathtaking half-the-pitch run, Perchy bursting down the right, Agogo scoring, Southall’s quick freekick, Holt’s header – even seeing Dobie not actually dive quite so blatantly as I thought he had “live”.

If anything, they showed a bit too much Charlton action, it made the game seem more even – and it was disappointing to hear Lee Dixon and Gavin Peacock (I think) basically describe the game as being a Charlton let down – it’s true, they were – but I reckon they could’ve focused a bit more on our positives. Nathan Tyson naturally got a lot of attention, and there was mention of the dreaded “shop window”, but well, it would be folly for Forest to consider selling him. As a special treat I’ve laid my hands on an online clip of the Forest section should you wish to re-watch it – it will either be below this paragraph or you’ll need to click to read the full story. Enjoy!

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