Happy birthday, fat boy!

I know it’s childish and bitter, but I can’t resist sticking the boot of metaphor in on Alan Rogers, who today has signed for Accrington Stanley of all teams.  Memories of his “I’m too big for Stoke!” type comments come flooding back like a tide of Boost bars from the A Block.

I wonder what kind of reaction the young left back we used to affectionately called “Tank” would’ve had if you had told him he’d sign for division four Accrington Stanley on his 30th birthday?  I imagine he would have been quite incredulous, that’s for sure!  In the future, generations of little scally Accrington fans will be overheard having conversations like this:

Kid one: “Gorrennee lemonade?”
Kid two: “If yer like..” (pours a glass of milk)
Kid one: “Milk! Urgh!”
Kid two: “It’s what Paul Mullin drinks!”
Kid one: “Paul Mullin?”
Kid two: “Yeah! An’ ee said if I din’t drink lotsa milk, when I grow up, I’ll only be as good as Alan Rogers!”
Kid one: “Oh no!  Not that fat c**t!”
Kid two: “Exacccccccctly!…. now gerroff!!!”
Kid one: “Gimme some!”
Kid two: “Gerroff!”

Hmmm, I think I need to forgive and forget really – so good luck to you, Rogers. Not really.


Doughty: We may need to depend on loans

It was quite surprising to hear Nigel Doughty on the airwaves this morning driving into work, usually the Forest chairman is quite shy and retiring from the media – so it’s interesting that he chose such a bad time in terms of results to come forward to the local radio station.  That said, it’s also the opening of the transfer window and of course people will be quick to come forward and stick the boot in him for not investing, so maybe he’s preempting that somewhat.

He basically said that we were having “a bit of a wobble” – interesting choice of words, that we are looking to add to the squad, as Smoulds has managed to chop out a fair chunk of players who he feels weren’t good enough – he reinforced that everybody is working incredibly hard (apparently despite poor appearances on the pitch!), and that he hoped that the January transfer period would be busy for us.

At the end he talked of the need to bring in players who can step up to the Championship, as promotion is still the goal, and how our recent form may put off potential targets.  Hence the talk of relying on loans to “plug the gap” until we know our fate next season – makes sense, although you would think that the opportunity to come to Forest and help turn round our form would still be a tempting proposition – particularly since we pay players way too much for our level!

The final comment was the most pleasing one, he openly rubbished the persistent rumours that Nathan Tyson is leaving for Birmingham in January.  Whilst I never really thought he was going anywhere, it’s nice to hear – the lad must be ambitious because he’s a bloody good player, but if we go about our business well in the transfer window then hopefully we can gear ourselves up more to match his potential and he can go on to bigger things along with Forest!

I do expect the “Doughty Out!” crowd to start prattling about the lack of ambition/investment type stuff (indeed, many have been doing so regardless before his comments), but he was careful to say that his doubts over bringing in permanent signings rested on the players decisions – not on the money available to invest.  The cynic in me thinks that we may well have a couple of nearly-signings sorted, and his comments serve to manage expectations downward so that we are surprised when we do sign people.