Sammy’s dismissal to be appealed..

I’ve still yet to see the replay, but listening to the Oldham fans who have commented on the match thread, it was either a headbutt, an elbow or a forearm smash, he was looking at the player not the ball, or he was just unfortunate.  A Forest fan I know said it looked like nothing on the replay – can’t beat a bit of biasedness, can you (from all concerned, I’m sure).

Forest have decided having seen the replays that there are sufficient grounds for appeal – which isn’t surprising, even John Sheridan commented after the game that it wasn’t even a yellow card offence, let alone red.  The appeal will be heard on Thursday, so I suppose the debate that seems to be raging will be decided then – I guess we can’t really ask for much more than that.

I suppose I should’ve found a picture of Sammy that makes him look less like a convict really!


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  1. Update:- The cop out kings at the Football League, have rejected the appeal. Good work guys, you really earn your wages…

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