The Brian Clough statue fund is almost complete..

.. my sneaky sources inform me that should the old desk that Nottingham Forest kindly donated to the statue fund reach £1,000 then the fund will pretty much hit the £60,000 target set all those months ago.

So those of you with a few Christmas pennies left to spend, click on this link and be generous – just think, if that desk had ears, what might it have witnessed in Forest history?

A tribute to the most inaptly named football ground..

Doncaster’s ‘Belle Vue’ stadium (officially ‘The Earth’ stadium) is perhaps the most ironically named football ground in the country; Belle Vue of course, is French for “beautiful sight” – and a beautiful sight it most certainly ain’t, it’s best described as a hovel – and it’s a hovel that will be no more once we have travelled there to take part in the last ever game at the old ground that has been home to Doncaster Rovers since 1922.

Now for the benefit of those of you travelling, the ground does have a fairly interesting history – it once had a capacity of almost 40,000 which is now impossible to believe!  The record attendance is officially listed as 37,099 in 1948 against Hull City, although it is widely believed that there were many cheeky so and so’s climbing the walls to get in without paying as well.  However by the 1980’s the capacity was a tenth of this as mining subsidence was discovered under one of the stands.

They even had a chairman arrested after a game and he was subsequently found guilty of conspiracy to commit arson – he’d been involved in the fire that destroyed the mainstand in June 1995 and was sentenced to four years in prison!  Interestingly work on the ground has been undertaken as recently as 2003 and 2004 – despite the fact that Rovers will be moving to their new “Keepmoat” stadium after their fixture with us to see out their old ground.   Belle Vue now holds around 11,500 people – the new ground will be a 15,000 all seater.

Doncaster’s last game against Yeovil at Belle Vue was called off due to a frozen pitch – so we may see the game called off yet given the current weather conditions and forecasts.  So any travelling fans, make sure you (a) drive carefully and (b) keep the local radio on so you find out as soon as possible if the game is called off.  Even if you call it “The Earth Stadium”, it makes it sound like where “Earth FC” would play its fixtures when we discover life on other planets – so it’s still silly.