Gary Charles is in the clink!

Former Forest, Derby and Villa waster Gary Charles is behind bars after failing to control his self-confessed alcoholism.  The twice-capped rightback flirted with prison after attacking a woman in a taxi-rank earlier in the year – and was warned that any similar types of offence would lead to a spell inside.  Instead he had a community service order which he fulfilled.

Unfortunately, his self-control was about as good as the dodgy performances I remember from him in a Forest shirt, he got pissed again earlier this month and threatened a doorman for reasons as yet undermined.  The judge said “There really does come a time when the police and everyone else has to have a rest from Gary Charles. I hope it knocks some sense into his head.”  Hmm, here’s hoping!

Part of me finds Gary Charles almost twice-yearly humiliations quite funny; admittedly he set the bar quite high when being found in his car covered in his own faeces, but he seems to find new and interesting ways to make an idiot out of himself; but more overwhelmingly I feel sorry for him – he wasn’t the most gifted player I’ve ever seen, but he has clearly struggled to come to terms with alcoholism – hopefully a stretch inside will help to straighten him out.

My abiding memory of Gary Charles will always be a trip to the Baseball Ground, when a Steve Stone shot was deflected over the despairing keeper by a certain hapless right-back – creating chants of “Nice one Gary! Nice one Son! Nice one Gary! Let’s ‘ave another one!”.  Happy days!

The statue fund faces the final curtain..

It’s been confirmed that friday night’s “Clough Aid” gig raised more than the target of £2,000, and combine that to the cheque from LTLF for online sales and donations from supporters the fund is just a tantalising £2,500 away from reaching the £60,000 target. 

Given that there are numerous items on eBay raising money for the fund, including an old desk donated by Forest that Clough himself may have used, then a Christmas target is surely not unrealistic?

In that spirit, I urge everyone to take a look at as well as the auctions on eBay and be generous – I know it’s Christmas and we’re all counting the pennies, but it’s so bloody close now it’s painful!  Once the fundraising is finished the committee can get onto the not inconsiderable task of recruiting a sculptor to create the statue, and of course, liase with the council to find a suitable spot for it in the city centre.