Cloughie’s old desk to contribute to a permanent tribute..

The “story”, such as it is, is rather an unexciting one really – well, I suppose it’s quite exciting.  Forest are auctioning off lots of stuff (of which you can see by following this link) for charity, amongst the lots is an old desk from the coaches room, it’s been at the City Ground for 20 odd years and will certainly have seen some Clough action – and has already fetched in excess of £400 – brilliant!  But what amused me was the below staged picture used to advertise it on the official Forest website.

How amusing!  Initially they just had the desk on the pitch, but the added Smoulderwood will surely make it all the more tempting for eBay bidders!  The statue fund is currently at around the £54,000 mark – given that it is “Clough Aid” tonight, and they have their own eBay extravaganza going on at the moment, hopefully the fund should be rip-roaring its way to their £60,000 target very soon indeed.  It’s been a long road for the hard-working fans who have been running the fund, it would be a fantastic Christmas/New Year for them and all Forest fans if they could get it cracked by then!

Should you wish to back the Statue Fund, then follow this link where you can make online donations – let’s get it done and dusted before 2007!

Tomorrow is in memory of Lyn Jarrett

The game against Leyton Orient tomorrow will begin with a minute of silence as a mark of respect to our Medical Consultant, Lyn Jarrett, who passed away last week.  The popular consultant with an infectious laugh was seen on the pitch a few times during less good times, tending to more serious injuries such as David Johnsons leg break, for example.

Lyn’s family have requested no floral tributes, should fans wish to pay tribute then please to send donations to ‘Cancer Research’ c/o Joanne Hutsby, Staplefords Funeral Service, 136 Derby Road, Nottingham NG9 7AY.

Rest in peace, Lyn, and thanks for all your hard work!

Orient fans are expecting a hammering

This match preview was both heartening and terrifying at the same time.  Just as the writer alludes to the unexpectedness of Leyton Orient, they are clearly blissfully ignorant of our ability at times to throw a curve ball and perform appallingly in a match we should really win at a canter.  But a 6-1 scoreline prediction would go down very well indeed, which is what this poor bugger is predicting for his side!  The second paragraph of the preview is:

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse….. Without a central defence, without an away win, without any confidence and with a set of away fan fearing the worst, Martin Ling takes his side to face his close friend’s high fliers with Colin Calderwood expecting nothing less than three points and a big thrashing for his opponents.”

Hopefully – without an away win yet this term – the Orient players are similarly low on confidence to enable us to give them a good hiding, but well, we know what happens when teams come to the City Ground, they do tend to raise their game at least a couple of bars – even allowing for that is no excuse though, the majority of the fans in there are backing Forest (albeit many far too quietly or negatively), so that should be something we use to our advantage.

In other amusing news, the aptly named Darren Pratley believes Swansea City still have a chance at the title.