Smoulds misses out on award..

Former Forest player John Sheridan has pipped Smoulderwood to the November manager of the month award, which is a shame really as we’ve playing as though under a curse from the end of November and into December anyway!  The Oldham boss picked up the award after winning all three league games in November as well as an FA Cup win, and subsequent win in the league taking the Latics on a six match winning run.

Smoulderwood had an almost unblemished record in November – a draw away at Rotherham in the league, and a penalty defeat to Bristol City in the Johnston’es Paint Trophy being those blemishes, was in the hat for the award, as were Dario Gradi of Crewe Alexandra and Ronnie Moore of Tranmere Rovers.  Looking at the numbers it’s hard to argue against Sheridan’s award; so let’s hope the curse is still active come New Year’s day when we make the trip up to Oldham!

Complacency creeping into Forest?

I’ve only really just caught up with the post-Bournemouth game reaction; and some of it makes for some quite concerning reading.  Most worrying are some of the comments that Smoulders has made to the press in the aftermath of the game:

“I had a sense before the game that some of our players thought they only had to turn up to win and you can not have that attitude.

“We were poor in possession and absolutely terrible out of possession, we did not play with any rhythm and deserved to be beaten.

“The only positive thing is this is a reminder that if we are not going to work hard and be positive we are going to get our bottoms smacked.”

If it’s true that were getting complacent then that needs nipping in the bud right now; couple that with the rumour posted on the LTLF Forum after the game by somebody purporting to have contact with David Johnson (I freely acknowledge that this is just mindless rumour peddling, but nonetheless, peddle I shall!):

“Just heard from Johno that some of the players went out and got pissed the night before the Salisbury game and then stayed South for the Bournemouth game and got pissed again! He also added that now we are top of the league alot of the players are being too laid back.”

Not exactly the most professional act in the world if Johnson has been discussing such matters with random fans he encounters, but there is at least a hint of the complacency that Smoulds talks of in his quote – and if there is any grain of truth in the comment that the players were drinking the night before the Salisbury game then this is something Smoulders needs to come down like a tonne of bricks on.  Not acceptable.

With a bit of luck a series of disappointing results against sides we should really have the measure of will be enough of a kick up the proverbial for them, but if not then Colin needs to be on hand to get that passion and hunger back in the squad.