Strange chants: part nine

Definitely not a Forest-only chant, although we seem to have a slight variation compared to most teams.  But you will hear this from fans ranging from Manchester United or Chelsea, right down to the Boston United or Notts County’s of this world; and frankly, well, for the vast majority of us it’s a very strange chant indeed.  I shall run with the Forest version:

“And it’s No-tt-ing-ham Fo-rest..
Nottingham Forest FC!
We’re by far the greatest team,
You’ll ever see!”
(repeat: last line for other clubs seems to be ‘The world has ever seen’)

It’s strange because even in my happiest and most blissful biasedness, I have seen greater teams than Forest, based on whatever measure you’d like to use (maybe I’d be less flippant if I were old enough to see the European Cup winners), so when you have fans of Scunthorpe United or Swansea City singing it up at you, it does make it all the more amusing.  It’s understandable, it’s a chant that symbolises our blind faith/support of our teams, but if you break it down it’s quite amusing given how hugely inaccurate it is!

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  1. As we’re talking about chants, what is the current SECOND verse of the song that this blog is named after? I think that I have heard different versions over the years, but the one I most recently heard finished with ‘we hate Sheffield United’ – or was I mistaken? ANYBODY KNOW? (I hate Wolves far more than Sheffield United by the way – but that’s probably just a personal feeling).

  2. Ah yes, I can help with that… the most important question to ask, however, is what is the FIRST verse of the song this blog is named after; because ‘Through the seasons before us..’ is actually the start of the second verse, the first seems to have been lost in the mists of time… as I believe it goes:

    Forest ever Forest
    All our hopes are with you
    True supporters forever
    ‘Til our days are through
    Through the season’s before us
    Down through history
    We will follow the Forest
    Onto victory
    We hate Derby County
    We hate Derby too
    We hate Derby County
    Oh Derby we hate you!

    But the version I hear now, alas, has mutated to:

    We hate Derby County
    We hate Leicester too
    We hate Sheffield United
    But Forest we love you.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up!! Its bugged me for a while – I thought that my ears were playing trickes on me!

  4. I felt so sorry for the poor Carlisle fans who we gave a 5 – 0 drubbing to last weekend. 5 nil down they were singing “Five nil and we’re still bouncing”.
    Stranger still their chant at Lee Trundle “Youve never seen a burger”! 🙂

  5. we scored 4 past the forest!!!!

  6. forest r gay scunny rulz

  7. Although from Nottingham, I was married to a girl from Middlesbrough for several years – it’s OK, Cloughie was originally from there! The same song is sung at Boro, but with the next to last line ever so slightly different:

    “And it’s Mid-dles-burra..
    Middlesbrough FC!
    The greatest team in football,
    The world has ever seen!”

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