Former skipper: “It wasn’t right for years”

Spotted this article on the BBC website a while ago; a typically candid interview with former Forest skipper Gareth Taylor.  It is largely focused on his somewhat optimistic aspirations for Tranmere Rovers this season, but there are a couple of snippets of interest from a Forest perspective as well.

Gaz of course was loaned to Crewe last season before being released in the summer and snapped up by the nearly-Scousers.  And he speaks of his ‘desperation’ to prove himself at Championship level after what has to be considered a fairly difficult time at Forest – under several managers during the darkest spell in living memory for the club.

I always liked Taylor as a person, as much as you can when you don’t really know a player – but he struck me as honest, hardworking and forthright both on the pitch and during media contacts – but he was a frustrating player as well, and endured the scapegoating treatment from Forest fans as fiercely as many players over reason years.  He said of Forest:

“When you come away from a place like Forest, people are saying it wasn’t right at the club for years, not just while I was there.

“But it just goes to show what a fresh face can do because they changed things around, went on a great run at the end of last season and are now top of the table.”

He doesn’t sound too bitter, which is a testament to either his good nature, or his professional handling of the media given that it was inevitable Forest fans would read the piece.  I’m not sure whether I buy into Tranmere’s promotion credentials, but they’re certainly flying high at the moment – certainly I feel pleased to see Gaz moving on and doing okay, he wasn’t my favourite player by a long stretch but he was treated harshly by some sections of our ‘support’ whilst here.

I wouldn’t wish him too much luck though, I really don’t like Tranmere at all!!


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  1. I’m just concerned about that squirrel that’s trying to run down the back of his shirt!

  2. I was *really* hoping it was a mullet he was sporting before I realised it was a player stood behind him, erm, I mean a squirrel!

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