If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man..

I found a handy summary of betting odds for the Salisbury City vs Forest game at the weekend; and I must admit, I’m a bit disappointed!  Should cynical Forest fans plan on betting on an upset to compensate for the embarrassment of defeat, then you’re looking at about 6/1 – with Forest the obvious favourites at 2/5.  Even if you were to get a bit cleverer and go for a draw at half time, with Forest eventually triumphing then you’re looking at 10/3.

All in all, I’d be wanting a lot better odds to make up for the humiliation of losing this game; particularly since it’s televised for all to see!  For a summary of the various permutations and options available to any hopeful  bets then click here for the view from the local Wiltshire paper.  For the crazy man on the LTLF forum who tries to tempt people to bet on a 3-3 scoreline for every Forest match, then unfortunately the odds aren’t listed on the article, so you’ll need to check your bookies for that one!

Can’t say I’m a particularly big gambler on football, sometimes have a quid or two on the first scorer or correct scoreline and suchlike, but I don’t really have much of a gameplan so rarely win much – the nearest I ever came to a tactic was betting on Matthieu Louis-Jean to score first in every match, because you ended up with odds of about 80/1 or something mental – I don’t think I ever won though.

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