Damn you, Teamtalk! Damn you!

I was feeling quietly, well, moderately quietly confident about things at Forest – aside from the recent puzzlement over our recent desire to sell our top scorer, I’ve been very pleased with how things are going on and off the pitch.  Quality of performances are still somewhat below what I think we’re capable of, but they getting better, and off the pitch we seem to actually have some scouts doing something, and generally things are all well in the rose garden.  Until I read Chris Burton’s piece on TeamTalk.com today.

The opening paragraph runs thusly:

It appears that the tide may finally be turning on the banks of the River Trent, as Nottingham Forest begin to show signs of shaking off their ‘fallen giants’ tag and become upwardly mobile once again.

The reason it’s so alarming is he’s explicitly typed all the things we’ve been secretly thinking, hoping and dreaming.  The things we daren’t actually talk about incase we jinx the good start to the season we’ve enjoyed so far.  And now there they are, in black and white on a website!  Surely all manner of ill fortune will befall us now some thoughtless journalist at TeamTalk has deigned to shun superstition in such a manner!  Surely also, his nous should be questioned a tad if he describes Megson as ‘Sven’-esque.

On a more serious note, the author quite rightly apportions a fair amount of credit to Smoulderwood for his top work, although whilst he mentions Charlie & Frank, he doesn’t quite do justice to the turnaround that they created in their short stint in charge.  I don’t think that should be underestimated, and I’m sure Colin would be the first to admit that their stint in charge would have made his job a hell of a lot easier upon arriving at the City Ground.  I get a bit scared of this talk of “the real test is of course, WHEN they are promoted”.. I don’t like complacency, but I’m sure Smoulders will be keen to ensure he doesn’t allow any within the squad.

I’m off to go and find some black cats to compell to walk in my path now, and will be renewing my interest in lucky combinations of clothing before Saturday’s game with Millwall FC, I think!