Is Grant really going to Bristol?

There’s loads of conflicting opinions on this – but I just found this article which is rather a worry, Sky don’t normally report things until they’re pretty nailed on – so it would seem that Forest are keen to offload our top scorer, so much so that we’ll sell him to a league rival for little more than we paid for him!  If (and it’s still if at this stage) this turns out to be true, then Calderwood has to explain the reasoning behind his decision, because on the surface it’s unfathomable.

Grant Holt was the difference between a draw and a win numerous times at the start of the season, and whilst he’s not particularly impressed me in his recent substitute appearances, I certainly don’t want to see the back of him.  Particularly not to not only a league rival, but a fellow promotion contender – this kind of action could seriously backfire on us – it really could.  If Holt were to sign for Bristol and began to bang the goals in for them then we’d have unwittingly – or wittingly – aided who in my opinion are our biggest promotion rivals.

I’ve heard reports purporting to be from Grant himself saying he doesn’t want to move – so if these rumours are true, then Colin does have some explaining to do, he owes it to us to let us know why he feels he can offload our top scorer when less prolific strikers still apparently in his plans.


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  1. I wouldn’t like this to go through but I guess you can’t get any money for Harris these days eh? 😛

    It’s puzzled me why he has been chosen over Holt but it appears that Smoulderwood doesn’t seem to rate Holt. Disappointing as he’s scored more goals this season than Harris has ever scored for us.

  2. I just read this interesting comment on the LTLF forum:
    “Bristol City are making all the running, Grant Holt still says he is happy at Forest and is only interested in a move back to the bleak north west.
    Unless in the words of the Godfather, He is made an offer he cannot refuse. Forest have a couple of definate targets, one who will be a suprise if he signs.
    No names were mentioned but as some one else has said the City Ground is a tight lipped place, where pulling together is encouraged. If he leaves he will not be on his own during the transfer window. But you do not need to be Sherlock Holmes to be able to deduce this information.”
    This squares other things I’ve heard – that Grant wants to stay, so I suppose until Forest confirm they’re accepted a bid or otherwise, then we’re kind of in the dark.

  3. Given the noises coming out of Tranmere, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Thompson’s move to Rovers made permanent either.

    I know we’re six points clear, but surely it’s too early to try and help our rivals and make the league more of a challenge? :-s

  4. Seems like old news news re-hashed…

  5. It wouldnlt be the first time we’ve offloaded a leading scorer


    Hopefully this will show Calderwood that he is determined to fight for his place and all talk of selling him is now at an end – I doubt it though.

    I can’t see any point in selling him, we have no other striker at the club who can play the way he does. Its good to have him around and as long as he’s prepared to fight for his place, what’s the point of selling him, and to Bristol City of all clubs?!

  7. I agree – I think this whole story has been a case of the offer being accepted was picked up late by the press, and he’s already turned it down.

    So I suppose I’m just as bad for posting this in response to the press, but yes, if he’s turned ’em down then I’m very pleased as I think Grants a good option to have around!

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