Eugen Bopp – worth worrying about?

All eyes will be on Boppy come tomorrow as we meet Rotherham United at Millmoor – the German midfielder has always been a slight figure of mystery.  Many fans wrote him off as a one trick pony, seemingly manager after manager did the same as he was consistently overlooked for a regular run in the side after injury at Pride Park took him out of first team reckoning under Paul Hart’s reign.

He’s certainly given us moments to remember – not least his arrival and goal from the bench to consign Gillingham to join us in the third tier of English football – rather spectacularly ForestForums have a collection of 52 fans who feel their desire to see him back at Forest is some kind of justification for his reinstatement – for reasons best known to those concerned, he’s somewhat of a cult terrace hero – something suggests to me perhaps amongst our younger fans – surely nobody who has witnessed genuine legends would use the term for Bopp.

Eugen has been playing regularly for the Millers, and by all accounts is popular with the fans there, and I’ve noticed his name on the scoresheet more than once – and indeed, on the sent off list!  Perhaps he needed to get away from Forest and the weight of expectation that naturally pervades our club from the supporters upwards, perhaps he wanted to rekindle an illicit romance with Gregor Robertson?

Whatever side of the Eugen Bopp divide you fall – I think I’m somewhere close to the ‘not really bothered to see him released’ side, I bet the majority of Forest fans will be united with the niggling fear that he’ll end up scoring against us tomorrow.  He’s a man Paul Hart described as being too interested in fast cars and women, he was undoubtedly a talented – if inconsistent – player for us, but Forest legend? I think not.  Here’s hoping he’s kept quiet at Millmoor tomorrow, other than that, I hope he does well!

For those of you who would like to relive his finest moment in a Reds shirt, then click the link below!

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Finally Forest fully fighting fit for foray..

Well that’s a bit of a mouthful, today’s entry is brought to you in association with the letter F.. but anyway, rather excitingly for the first time this season, Forest can say they are without injury or suspension issues, giving Calderwood the first opportunity he has had to choose exactly the team he’d like to play – which ultimately should make his job easier, although it brings with it obvious difficulties, and presumably will make more players unhappy.

As Perch returns from suspension, and Gary Holt from injury – presumably one of them will be disappointed come saturday, Grant Holt seems to be subject of endless rumours of unhappiness – I even read on a forum that a loan move for him is imminent! Bennett has been speaking to the press of his frustration at being ‘formationed’ out of the team – it’s going to be a real challenge for Calderwood to keep team spirit high for those players struggling to make a first team impact.

Although the smouldering one has done well so far on this score, so I have faith he’ll continue to do so – but now all his strikers are fit it’s definitely going to be tricky, particularly since the front line hasn’t exactly been delivering the goals (aside from newly converted Commons, who I still think of as a midfielder!) – Tyson must surely be close to a first team start, I imagine Dobie is some way off as we won’t want to see the poor lad pick up another injury!

Hopefully news like this from Forest will have the Millers’ arses twitching a bit…