More eBay goodies for Cloughie!

Hot on the heels of the announcement of Clough Aid, there are also more football-related (and non-football related, for that matter!) goodies up for grabs via auction site eBay to raise money for the Brian Clough Statue Fund. Obvious a cause any right-minded Forest fan would be wholly in favour of, and given how well it’s been going, you may be able to contribute towards the final straight!

They’re listed below:

An interesting selection of stuff – if you just want a list of them all on eBay then click here – which is probably easier! Go and get bidding – there could be a perfect Christmas present on there waiting for you!

Vote for Krissy…

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Kris Commons’ hattrick exploits against Yeading qualify him as player of the round for the FA Cup first round.  If you do, then visit this website:

And on the right hand side you’ll spot a poll in which you can vote for him – let’s get him the award he deserves!  (If memory serves, he won player of the round before when we played Spurs!).

Season ticket disgrace!

I awoke to quite a disturbing tale on the local radio this morning.  A Reds fan called Nick (didn’t catch his surname) had befallen a disaster.  His good lady had been doing the washing, and he’d left his season ticket in his coat – the washing machine did it’s evil deed, and left him with an unidentifiable sticky mulch.  Argh!  Being a calm, collected individual, Nick contacted Forest, who told him to pop down to the ground at his convenience to get it sorted.

He did this very thing, he was issued with a temporary ticket – and all was well with the world.  Until he got a phone call, which said something like “I’m sorry sir, your old ticket is not verifiable, so we can’t give you a new ticket – you will need to purchase another, or claim on your household insurance.”  Because there is no verifiable ID number or detail on the ticket (unsurprisingly, it’s been through a washing machine!) Forest would not issue a new one, because apparently “this process has been abused in the past.”

Now as a season ticket holder, I know that Forest gather my name, address and other details when I buy it – I know also they assign me a patron code – this means, since they sell me the ticket as a non-transferrable item, that if I were to lose it, they have all the information they need to be able to reissue it.  I think charging an admin fee would be okay, but to downright refuse is horrendous – and a really shoddy example of the ‘customer’ service Forest exhibit at times.  In this case too, they could just ask the chaps dad, who owns the season ticket next to him.

Football clubs irritate me on this score, I don’t know if Forest are worse than others – obviously I have more experience of Forest and therefore see more instances – but because we’re ‘fans’ and have very high loyalty it seems than our beloved club see this as an excuse to treat us like shit, because they know we’ll come back for more – whether it’s putting prices up after relegations/failure to get promotion, or refusing to supply a new season ticket for this poor chap who has had a mishap.

Sort it out Forest – this is disgraceful.