Strange chants: part seven

I’ve not heard this chant for a while, but generally it tends to come from the Upper Bridgford stand – I rarely hear it elsewhere in the ground on my travels. Last season in particular, there was a phase of hearing it at every game, no matter who the opponents were, no matter how many fans they bring, or how noisy they were.

The chant is designed to be disparaging, as such it should probably be reserved when that is appropriate. It is:

“Worst support we’ve ever seen!
Worst support we’ve ever seen…
Worst support we’ve..
Worst support we’ve..
Worst support we’ve ever seen!
Worst support we’ve ever seen!”

As you can see, quite straight forward and to the point – and in the right circumstance, it would be fine – but we used to joke last season that it was amusing how The Football League had arranged our home fixtures in order of the quality of their fanbase. Either that, or sections of the Forest fans have the memories of goldfishes, and genuinely believe the latest set of away fans infront of them to be the worst ever!

Either that, or it’s something that is dusted off when times are not so good, since it was a common feature of the City Ground under Megson’s reign, but something we hear less of now results have started to go some way to matching our hopes and expectations!

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  1. can’t believe you missed off this one around Guy Fawkes’ night…

    Build a bonfire, build a bonfire,
    Put the Derby on the top,
    Put the Leicester in the middle,
    And burn the f**king lot!

    not really that strange, but one of my faves all the same.

    although it would have to be one bloody big bonfire to fit 2 cities in/on it – surely the resulting flames might at the very least singe the outskirts of Nottingham?!

    cracking site by the way, keep up the good work

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