An interview with a Derby fan: part three

It’s been over a month since the last contact was made with the old enemy, and in that time things have continued to blossom at the City Ground, and it has to be said – unfortunately – at the theatre of sheep things do seem to have turned around, with the molesters sitting just a point or two from the playoffs, having looked rather like potential relegation fodder earlier in the season.  So no real opportunities to take the piss, but still plenty of reasons for us to be cheerful.

Our season is still going according to plan, and you seem to be on an ill-deserved run of form lately, what’s happened?

I thought you’d forgotten about me now we weren’t in the bottom half of the table!!  We’ve done much better, won five from the last eight – and Pesch is back from injury soon, apparently – he’s getting on a bit, but he can still change matches, well, I know you know all about him anyway!

Not one of my favourite players – how did his hip replacement go?  Are you allowed to play on one of those mobility scooters?

He’s not that old, cheeky sod.  It’s good to have him around though.

So are you feeling confident about continuing this good form of late?  You’re not going to sneak promotion are you?

I seriously doubt it, the very best we can do is sneak into the playoffs, but this league has so many contenders in it this year – you have your Birminghams, West Broms, Wolves, Preston – Cardiff doing oddly well, although they’ll fall back I think, and that’s not considering the likes of Leeds, Sunderland, Norwich, Ipswich and even Palace who would probably feel they’re punching below their weight.

It does seem oddly close this year – you’re a couple of points off the playoffs, but only about seven from the bottom six.

We’re ONE point off the playoffs, but yes, it is close, although a gap is developing for the bottom four – whilst it would be amusing if they didn’t, I expect Leeds to get themselves away from the relegation places.  It will be interesting to see what happens to Wednesday now ex-scum Laws has taken over…

Ex-Scum?! Laws taking the job has definitely made Forest fans more sympathetic to Wednesday, many wanted him to take over at Forest.

He was certainly a committed player, I remember that much – hate to say it, but it looks like the guy you got in charge is doing a good job – what are you now, five points clear a the top?

Seven points, but it’s all about maintaining it, on those lines, what does November and December have in store for you?

It’s a tough run actually, a couple of away games at Coventry and Luton, then Leicester at home – which is the closest we get to a local derby this year, I suppose it will have to do – then we have Ipswich, West Brom, Leeds, Palace, Burnley, Wolves and Plymouth – all tough games, it must be odd for you seeing a fixture list of teams you’ve heard of, I read you were playing someone called Yeading next!

Ha! That’s our FA Cup game, we’ve not quite sunk to those depths just yet, having said that, the most ‘notable’ team on our November/December fixture list is probably Millwall!

Well hopefully the damage done by the Bristol Fans (I don’t know, same old Forest, always fighting!) will at least be repaired before they arrive!  Aren’t you playing Bristol again in that joke trophy?

Yes, but I can’t see the interest levels being sufficient to see any trouble repeated – and don’t you start with the goading about fighting, sheesh! 

Sorry, you have to have a dig though, don’t you?

I suppose you do, yes, thanks for that – I think that’ll do.

No worries, can you stop winning so many games now, please?

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