David Platt to sue Forest?!

According to the Telegraph, former manager (not the obnoxious little oik on Coronation Street) David Platt – unbelievably – has apparently unleashed the lawyers onto Forest in order to claim a bonus that then-chairman Eric Barnes sanctioned around five years ago when we had the unfortunate experience of the former England international ‘managing’ us and pissing away all our money on a bunch of shite.

Platt, affectionately known by all manner of expletives amongst Forest fans, has had his solicitors lodge a writ with the high court, which happened last week – but early indications seem to suggest that Forest are – thankfully – standing their ground and electing not to pay the incompetent bastard a penny of this supposed bonus (which apparently he’s agreed to deduct more than £10,000 from due to “unforeseen expenses” whilst on a club trip to Marbella in January 2001).

Presumably since he pissed off to the England U21 job having already nearly irreparably damaged Forest he waived any right to any kind of bonus – it’s interesting to note he made a complete hash of that job as well.  I remember reading he was looking to come back into management, well presumably no bugger else wants the useless twunt which is why he’s resorting to this – he’s just won £55,000 for wrongful dismissal from the FA – how it can ever be wrongful to sack that useless bastard I’ll never know!

So should you read this, Mr Doughty – stand your ground and don’t give the odious little sod any cash at all, were it not for his flagrant wasting of millions I firmly believe we would not be where we are today – we should sue him for being criminally incompetent!  As for you, David, I should stick to your tactics column in Four Four Two magazine – let’s face it, even that is a little too challenging for your pitiful football knowledge.  Leave Nottingham Forest alone and never darken our door again!


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  1. Well said that man!

  2. Jesus, what a moneygrabbing idiot. There is no way in the world he needs 50k. Also admire the way he has left it 5 years to make this claim. Rot in hell, Plotteh. You tosser.

  3. ‘Performance bonus’ – don’t make me laugh. Makes me feel sick just thinking of him. There must be a way to find out his public appearances and ask him how he thinks he can justify himself. Humiliate the little twonk. Damn he’s made me so angry!!!

  4. I can’t believe he believes himself entitled to any kind of bonus for finishing 11th when he spent millions on over-rated shite 😦

    Surely Doughty could get a contract out on him for less than £10k? 😉

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