Record attendances and new look..

In a little over two months of blogging about Forest, the site has managed to get to almost 20,000 hits – and the last two days have been somewhat crazy, twice breaking the previous busiest day for the site – see what happens when you post something about fighting? I dunno, you lot are obviously all just a bit morbidly obsessed with such things! I’ve been pleasantly surprised though with the various comments being left and amount of traffic, so thanks, and please do keep commenting.

With that in mind I’ve done a couple of things – thanks to the wonderful people at WordPress (who host this blog – ideal for technical dimwits like me!), I now have my very own domain name pointing at the space – although the old address works too, so you can point your browser to either or the old address of and they’ll both reach here – which is really rather exciting!

The final change is I’ve updated the header to be a bit more contemporary – whilst I’m as proud as anyone of our past achievements, I’ve decided the bulk of what I write about is current, with the odd diversion into the past – so the look of the site should reflect that, afterall, this whole project kicked off because I was half hoping that something good might come of this season, so imagery from this season seems more appropriate!

So anyway, not really Forest news at all, but just incase you’d noticed a few changes around the site, that’s why!

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  1. And what a shower that read was, falsely put in order further increase the hits, as it were, and Here’s me thinking the ” record attendances and new look” header was actually about Forest.

    You people!

  2. I can assure you that wasn’t the intention, unfortunately I have no control about what news feeds do and don’t pick up!

  3. Take no notice of that comment nffc! This blog has been a fine addition to on-line reading about Forest. Keep it up.

  4. Admittedly my first voyeur onto this fine blog was induced by the violence of last sturday, but i will now be a regular. your in my favourites, well written articles that includr humour, rogers bashing and swearing, three of my favourite things!!!!!!

    Keep up the good work

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