Strange chants: part six

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, so it’s high time we had another one! This one’s quite commonly heard sung by Forest fans (well, not only Forest fans, but we don’t often hear it directed at us) all around the country on their travels, and in particular you might hear it at – how shall I put it – the, erm, less developed grounds we might visit – think Rotherham, Gillingham or Brighton. Basically, crap grounds.

“My garden shed! (My garden shed!)
Is bigger than this! (Is bigger than this!)
My garden shed is bigger than this!
It’s got a door, and a window!
My garden shed is bigger than this!”
(repeat to fade)

Or a slightly more outlandish deviation on the same theme:

“My kitchen sink! (My kitchen sink!)
Is bigger than this! (Is bigger than this!)
My kitchen sink is bigger than this!
It’s got a tap, and a plug-hole!
My kitchen sink is bigger than this!”
(repeat to fade)

It’s quite entertaining really – and the basic premise being that we’re making a witty remark based upon the size of the ground we’re playing in – it’s certainly better than “Shit ground, no fans!”, which is rather mundane. But there must be some bloody big sheds and sinks scattered around Nottingham, mustn’t there?

Mind you, I join in with this one, and have to confess a guilty secret – I don’t even have a garden shed, and my kitchen sink certainly isn’t that big!

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  1. You’re not famouse anymore, your not famouse… OH SHUT UP YOU PATHETIC LOWER LEAGUE SMALL MINDED NOBODYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s a stupid chant as Forest are a world famouse club. There are very few team who have atchieved as much as we have, and until that changes we will ALWAYS be a big club

  2. Hmm, it is true we have had our moments of fame, but the ‘not famous’ brigade have a point, we are where we deserve to be.

    Having said that, they undermine their credibility somewhat when they are part of their biggest away following of the season, or their biggest home gate of the season, singing “You’re not famous any more!” at us.

    “Here for the Forest! You’re only here for the Forest!” 😀

  3. OK can we make a deal that when we draw Arsenal at the spanky new Emirates Stadium which cost hald a squillion pounds to build, we sing this chant all the way through.

  4. That’s a deal 😀

  5. I liked singing Shit Ground, No Fans at Old Trafford (quite) a few years back.

    And Shit Fans No Ground at Wimbledon and Brighton fans!

  6. Was that the game we won 2-1? That was a memorable day! 🙂

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